Black History Month: Living American History Through My Family Tree

Like many, I grew up hearing stories about my family's history. I have a few ancestors whose stories live in history books and who are studied by scholars to this day. There are institutions and organizations named for them. These family stories provide a perfect example of how African American history is American history and another reason why Black History Month still matters. ...more
I loved reading this, Maria.  I'm always impressed when people know their family's stories and ...more

Camping For People Who Don’t Camp: My Airstream Adventure

As much as I love the beauty of nature, I have no love of roughing it in the great outdoors. As a child my mother would jokingly mention the idea of sending me on a “wilderness adventure” in order to toughen me up and help get me over my irrational fear of insects. One year in college, my roommates gifted me with a t-shirt that read: My idea of camping is when room service is late. Despite what I like to think is my relatively laid back, down-to-earth personality, when it comes to travel and vacationing I can be very much the princess and the pea....more
Diane Lang I now totally grok your dream. It took me all of about 10 minutes to decide it is the ...more

Hated the Commercial, Loved The Car: 2014 Cadillac ELR Plug-In Electric Hybrid Review

You remember the car commercial that aired during the Winter Olympics and the Oscars? The one with (Neal McDonough extolling the virtues of workaholic Americans accepting luxury cars as our reward in place of vacations like those lazy French bastards? You might have passionately argued for or against this commercial's message, but I bet you don't remember the actual car being advertised. And that's a shame, because the Cadillac ELR is a terrific car that, despite being a super-niche offering, more people should know about....more

I Loved Guest Host Kerry Washington but not Saturday Night Live

I watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, eager to see the star of Scandal, Kerry Washington host. Though, on the heels of the conversation around the lack of Black women in the cast, it was entirely possible that expectations would be too high to make the show anything but a disappointment. The diversity discussion was addressed immediately in the cold open: ...more
Elisa Camahort Thanks for weighing in Elisa (and for thinking of me :) I cringed at that ...more

Taye Diggs' Message to the Ladies: You're Allowed a Purse

I love Taye Diggs. Which is why I was so disappointed when I saw a tweet from him today and clicked over to his blog. ...more

As described by Tina Fey in Bossypants, Amy Poehler had a moment early in her time on Saturday ...more

Hop on the Green Smoothie Love Train for Breakfast

Green smoothies are all the rage these days. And I, being a fan of rages, have fallen in love with the green smoothie. I was first inspired by the Healthy Librarian at her blog, Happy Healthy Long Life. Then, after some illnesses in my family and pleas from my sister for us to all eat well and stay healthy, I was primed to impulse buy a fancy blender on sale at Whole Foods while on my way to visit my mother in the hospital. I have been making the most of my impulse buy, however, and have been making green smoothies on the regular ever since. ...more
@Karen Ballum I store the leafy greens in a very large Tuperware type of container.  It keeps ...more

BlogHer | bet '11 Business: The Brand

Welcome to the BlogHer | bet ’11 liveblog of the Business Panel: The Brand. Moderator: Gina Garrubbo (GG), EVP of BlogHer Panelists: Liz Dolan (LD), EVP/Chief Marketing Officer of Fox International Channels and National Geographic Channel Analisa Barales (AB), CEO and Founder of Womensphere Janet Riccio (JR), EVP of Omnicom and Founder of their G23 subsidiary GG: What are the key elements that go into building a great brand? ...more

BlogHer | bet '11 Lunch Keynote: What Conveys Leadership in a Crowded Market?

Welcome to the BlogHer | bet ’11 liveblog of the Lunch Keynote: What Conveys Leadership in a Crowded Market? Moderator: Moira Forbes (MF), Publisher of ForbesWoman Panelists: Laurie Yoler (LY), Managing Partner of Growth Point Technology Partners Dana Mauriello (DM), Co-Founder and President of ProFounder Megan Smith (MS), VP of New Business Development and GM of MF:Purpose of today's panel how to develop the best pitch that represents you, who you are and to learn and grow from panel. ...more

Black History Month: Why I Identify as Black

Undercover Black Woman* is one of several potential names for my autobiography. It refers to the fact that I look white but identify as black. I say identify because race is not a fact of biology but a construct that varies across cultures, societies and nations. ...more
I'm old enough to remember when black folk had a tradition of accepting anyone who sincerely ...more

Choosing Surgery: Processing the End of My Reproductive Years

Like so many women I know, my insides are troubled. This week I'm having surgery to fix my bad lady plumbing. After years of controlling my heavy monthly bleeding with birth control pills, my gynecologist feels the risks are too high and it's time to stop the hormones and take another approach. Women in my family have landed in the emergency room and have had to have surgery as a result. I want to be proactive and chose what I will do before the decision is forced upon me. ...more

I had a hydrothermal ablation in 2006 and I had very bad burns externally and internally and I ...more