Time Will Tell: Waiting and Worrying

My head is not quiet. Two days ago it was quiet, or relatively so. With three weeks to go before my due date, I was living in a surreal space. I know what’s to come (more or less), but I was having a hard time believing it’s coming so soon. Having a second baby is a weird experience....more
@FarewellStrangr your nursery is amazing! Great job!more

Sestina for the Open-Minded

Something’s not right. She feels it, this woman. At first it’s a whisper, “Live the life you’re meant to.” But that means risk. At first there’s turmoil, but it’s a start, giving her permission to seek. Eventually she notices them when they appear – the signs Showing what might be her path. And she knows they’re right. ...more
This is really beautiful. Congrats Robin! So excited for you !!!more

My Valentines

In the eyes of the boy, I am everything. I know everything. Can do everything (except build snowmen). My kisses heal wounds. My breath in the night scares away the darkness. My hugs bring him home.I carried him then, gave him life. Nourished his body with mine. Carry him still.To me he can say, “I love you, too” even when I haven’t said it first, because sometimes love is unspoken....more

I Believed Once

I believed once.I thought I could make a difference. I followed my heart and used my voice and put it out there. I worked. Hard. I worked through lunch. I worked late, came home, had dinner, and worked some more.I wrote. I wrote and wrote and brainstormed because I believed. And because I believed I put my whole heart in to my work....more

On Steve Jobs and Living the Life You're Meant To

There’s a For Sale sign on our lawn.The listing for our house will officially appear tomorrow, but the sign is on our lawn now.“How can you make a decision like this so calmly?” a friend asked a couple of weeks ago.Calm? I’m not calm about anything right now (and evidently I wasn’t entirely prepared for that sign to go up)....more

On Motherhood and Losing Yourself

Losing a piece of yourself seems to be part of becoming a mother, almost like a rite of passage. The problem is, following a rite of passage people often expect you to be wiser and acknowledge your readiness for your new role. You’re given access to knowledge or tools you didn’t have before....more
I know what you are saying. I sometimes wonder if my children would even recognize the "old" ...more

On My Anniversary

Personal crises do funny things to relationships, as too many of us know too well. We go through these things, individually or together – or together-but-individually – and almost always, I think, something changes.Our journeys become harder when we’re faced with something other than the chosen road. Doubly so, perhaps, when we’re fighting against the current, thereby using energy we previously put into our partners, our relationships, our life-as-we-knew-it....more

Coming Alive at BlogHer '11

On the first day of BlogHer ’11, I stood up in front of a room full of bloggers and cried. If you know me, this won’t surprise you.I went into the conference with high expectations. So high, I managed to work myself into a 4-day-long anxiety attack and by the time I left my neck and shoulders were so tight I could hardly turn my head....more

Turn the Page

Yesterday I turned a page in the book that is my life.It has felt, at times, as though this book was ripped from my hands and tossed carelessly aside, with no regard for its protective cover and certainly no respect for its contents.I’ve watched, helpless, as the wind blasted through and whipped the pages, tearing some and removing others entirely.I’ve set it aside, hoping by some miracle that it will be intact when I next peek at it.I’ve tried to cover this book, to bind it, to patch its holes.I’ve accepted it will not be the same book it once was....more

Today I Couldn't Do It

You spring from bed in the morning, awake, bright-eyed and ready to go. My eyelids feel like sandpaper. A glance between half-open eyes reveals the clock: 6:12 a.m. I roll over and wonder how long I can put you off, but I know it’s coming.“Let’s go downstairs!”...more