Granny Nanny

 If anyone out there in cyberspace is reading this, I hope I can make it... read more

Granny Nanny


 If anyone out there in cyberspace is reading this, I hope I can make it interesting for you.   After all, this is not a celebrity biography or anything close to it; so here goes....

Although I have a BA in psychology and an  MS in early childhood education, both degrees are easily trumped by my on-the-job education in parenting two very different children (an education still ongoing, I might add).

Despite these degrees and experiences, my genetic predisposition is to be an artist. I was determined to stay home with the children when they were young, even though it represented a struggle financially. But I was fortunate to be somewhat talented as a calligrapher, so I was able to build a home business based on it. As the children grew older, my husband and I opened a printing plant where we manufactured social stationery - and that is what we have been doing for the last 22 years or so.

We retired in 2009 when it became obvious we needed a break from our 24/7 workaholic lifestyle. Besides, our daughter and son-in-law were living out of  state before their baby was born, and we promised to help them out with childcare if they came home (shameful bribery!).

My present occupation as a "Granny Nanny" represents a very recent career change. Last year our two married children (forever competing) made us new grandparents within a week of each other! Our son had a little boy, as did our daughter.  My husband and I are co-granny-nannies at various times of the week for my daughter's son.  Unfortunately, our son and daughter-in-law moved too far away for us to be of that kind of assistance to them.  On the bright side, all the new technology has helped us deal with the distance - and our experiences with this little one will be part of this blog.

And that pretty much brings you up-to-date. Isn't it sad that I can sum up my life in 5 paragraphs? Oops, I left out my childhood and my childhood marriage (only kidding, I was 22 -which now seems like a child) to my husband of 41 years - the best thing that ever happened to me and the reason I had something to write in the previous 5 paragraphs.