Embarrassed to Blog?

I've discovered something interesting about myself since I started blogging back in December.  It embarrasses me.  I don't want everyday people knowing about it.  How weird is that? ...more

Thanks Susan,

It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way!

Dallas more

It's All About Balance, Baby.

You may have noticed that I've been uncharacteristically silent over the past week.  I kept meaning to write a bunch of posts, but just didn't have the inclination.  I couldn't figure out why.  I haven't even been logging in to BlogSpot.  I haven't been reading my favourite blogs.Finally a couple minutes ago, I decided to log in and have a peak around.  I clicked on the New Post link.  Funny sometimes how just looking at the blank post screen can give you a Eureka moment.Balance....more

Thanks for your comments, ladies. It's so hard sometimes to give ourselves a break and just let ... more

Did I Give Up Everything Wonderful and Pretty to Become a Mom?

A birth control commercial currently showing on tv depicts a handful of young, attractive women entering what appears to be a store of dreams. Everything is in miniature – here is a beautiful house, there is a trip to Paris. Two women even grab for the same good-looking guy. But when a stork carrying a little bundle of joy approaches one of the women, she shoos it away, quickening her step to avoid impending motherhood. Honestly, I think I see just the slightest wave of terror cross her face. ...more

You captured it perfectly. I adore my children, and cannot imagine NOT having little ones ... more

A Call for the End of Birthday Party Presents

Having my kids attend birthday parties is a budget item in my life – one that is expensive, and annoying, and time consuming. And so, I make a call for the end of having to buy other kids birthday presents. Below, I have drafted an email that I plan to send to any parent who invites my child to a birthday party, effective immediately. Feel free to use this email in your own social circles. I like providing useful tools like this to my friends....more

Totally agree. I love kids birthday parties. I love planning my kids parties, but hate the ... more

Does Friendship Really Have Expiration Dates?

I'm learning as I get older that friendships don't always last forever. Most don't. People come in and out of your life with nary a care and some people don't even notice. I'm the type of person when a friendship starts to fade, I cling more, call more, email more, and when the silence on the other end continues it is deafening to me. I have to learn to let go, give up more easily. ...more

I could have written this post myself. I agree with the 'idea' that not all friendships will ... more