Kindle Paperwhite: A Smart Bitches' Review

Last night my Kindle Paperwhite (which I've been calling the Kindle Paperweight without meaning to, and the name has stuck) arrived. I had this scheduled on my calendar as soon as I received the shipping notification. I wanted time completely alone to set up the Kindle - and to my surprise my sons were about as excited about the new Kindle as I was. They wanted me to open the box in front of them, which was bonehead easy, thanks to Amazon's truly (and I mean this) excellent packaging initiative.  ...more
@JennaHatfield  @Leica  It also has a RSS feeder that can be syncronized with your google chrome ...more

Where is the Hymen?

It doesn't matter how much we push for some semblance of sex ed or how many brilliant science educators get their own blogs -- as far as literature is concerned, the hymen is an internal organ. Why is that? Where is the hymen really? ...more
I am a high school principal and you can only imagine the kinds of questions our biology ...more

The Internet Strikes Back: What Net Neutrality Means to Your Blog

For those of you not in the U.S., or in the U.S. and not sure what the hell I'm talking about, Net Neutrality is about allowing Internet users the same speed and level of connection across devices, hardware, and method of connection. If Net Neutrality were not in effect, Verizon, for example, my Internet service provider, could give me faster connective speeds to its sponsored sites and block access to sites it doesn't want me to see. Moreover, it could block my access to competitors or sites it doesn't like me to use. ...more

I think that the way you explained this is so understandable and attainable. Thank you for ...more