Do You Travel By Map?

When Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes opens, we meet a man who is exploring New York City street by street. He wants to see the whole city, or at least as much of it as possible, before he has to move on to the next city. What we discover is that he's not in the city at all. He's exploring it by using the street-level option of a mapping website. I found this absolutely fascinating. ...more
Never!  I always travel by GPS.  When someone says "travel by map" I assume they are quoting the ... more

Do You Look Up?

In Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes lives are charged by the simple decision to look up. Had Thomas not looked up from the street view in the online map, they never would have discovered a crime. Had Ray looked up at a window when they were teenagers, Thomas's life may have been very different. ...more
I am the worst at this!  I will literally pass friends in super market isles because Im way too ... more

Who Do You Trust?

It seems only appropriate to talk about trust when discussing Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes. The characters in the book not only have to decide whether or not they can believe what they see on the internet, but also who they can trust with that information. Who will believe them? ...more
I only have a couple of people I could turn to in my life.  I feel for Thomas and Ray but at ... more

Would You Report an Internet Crime?

A lot of time is spent in Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes in deciding whether or not to report what appears to be a crime. The question as to whether or not there even was a crime loomed large. While Thomas is convinced that there was a crime, Ray is not so sure. If he's not sure, how can he make anyone else believe them? ...more
It's such a tough question, especially considering all that you do see on the internet.  I'm ... more

Lessons Learned from Weekly Writing Exercises

Weekly writing exercises aren't quite as difficult for me as daily morning pages, but I'll admit that I still struggle with them. Yet I still find myself thinking about the writing prompts in Julia Cameron's My Artist's Way Toolkit, even if I don't put a pen to paper. I'm not always good at putting my thoughts down but these exercises are still teaching me some important lessons....more
Julia Cameron has taught me to make the time for my mind.  When I spend time alone its like my ... more

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

One of the things that I appreciate about Julia Cameron's new My Artist's Way Toolkit is how she's forcing me to pay attention. Yes, my morning pages may be a to do list most days (and yes, I still suck at them) but maybe one out of five days I'll find myself writing out a really good idea. I may not write down a single word after an Artist's Date but during it I'll be observing the things around me. Inspiration can happen anywhere. ...more
Ive had a difficult time as of late.  My four kiddos seem to take up so much space in my head ... more

Do You Ever Go On Dates - By Yourself?

While it's true that I suck at morning pages, it's equally true that I love ...more
I actually took a walk on the beach ALONE! I haven't done that in 12 years!  It was great!  It ... more

I Suck at Daily Morning Writing Exercises

When I mention Julia Cameron or The Artist's Way, chances are one of the first things you will think of is morning pages. When I signed up for the My Artist's Way Toolkit, I was a bit hesitant. I knew that morning pages were part of the bargain, and I've never been good at them. After a few weeks of using the service I can tell you that I still suck at morning pages. ...more
Ugh morning!  I am not a morning person.  Morning is the busiest time of day in my house.  So ... more

Do Readers Need Closure?

I really do believe closure is important to readers. When I close a book I don't need everything to be tied up in a neat bow but I do like to believe that the characters are where they need to be. It may not always be a place I like, or that the characters like, but it needs to be the right place. Gayle Forman's novel, Where She Went, was really about Adam's search for closure. He desperately needed it. ...more
I need closure.  When I get engrossed in a book, the characters stay with me.  There has to be a ... more

Creating Art Out of Loss

Some of the most beautiful pieces of art come out of loss and grief. Some people use words, while others use paint or clay to create their masterpieces. Adam and Mia channeled their grief into music. As much as Gayle Forman's novel, Where She Went, was about the two of them, it was also about being able to find beauty again after loss. ...more
I do. It is amazing what a little emotional pain can do for my paintings.  I have these great ... more