BlogHer '14 Opening Video: "I Am BlogHer"

BlogHer '14 kicked off with a video that showed us in words and pictures and—most of all—faces what it means to be ... us. The community. The past 10 years have brought us together to start important conversations, support each other and reach through the ether with virtual hugs and comfort when one of ours stumbled and fell. Whether you're here with us right now in San Jose or watching along at home, you are our community. You are BlogHer. ...more
Thank you shuggilippo for making me look good in this! I got lots of kudos for my appearance ... more

Mommy Blogging Remains a Radical Act

In 2005 at the original BlogHer, Alice Bradley declared mommy blogging a radical act. By 2009, Lindsay Ferrier and others declared that ship sailed....more
Amen. At times in my life, being able to blog about what I was experiencing -- and reading what ... more

It's Stupidly Hard to Be a Woman Director in Hollywood. Still.

After many years working in the film industry, I am struggling to find work. It's hard for me to admit when I need help, and even harder to ask for it. I got into film so I could tell stories about the world from a woman's voice. It's in my nature to care about social issues and the environment. I've won awards as a director, worked as an editor and done various jobs for producers and post facilities. ...more
It saddens me that this is still a problem after all these years. The only thing I can offer is ... more

Thoughts on Grief: There Are No Coincidences

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. For whatever reason, I was very emotional. I was on the verge of tears for most of the day. Every time that I thought about crying, I tried to think about something else, to change my mind....more
Oh Carmen, I feel so sad that you are going through this and wish there was something I could do ... more

Chanukah Isn't Christmas: How TV Gets It Wrong (Almost) Every Time

Chanukah is not Christmas.I realize that, on the surface, that distinction should seem rather self-evident (what with the whole Jewish/Christian being entire different religions thing).But sadly, the difference has not been honored on television. ...more
This is a fascinating topic to me. I always thought it strange that the early Hollywood studios ... more

Why I Like Being a Small Blog

I haven't been posting a whole lot. But that's okay. I can do that. We don't like to but sometimes we just can't help comparing ourselves to those blogs that earn money, have thousands of page views per day, get a ga-zillion comments or boatloads of free stuff. That is all well and good, but it comes at a price that some of us little blogs don't have to pay. I realize that "small" or "large" when referring to blogs is subjective, but I think we have a general idea of what category our own blog fits into. Here are some reasons that I really like being a little blog. ...more
THANK YOU for this! Back when I started my blog (**TEN** years ago next month - OMG) -- we were ... more

Announcing BlogHer '14: Bringing BlogHer Back to the Bay Area for Our 10th Annual Conference!

Today Lisa, Jory, and I are thrilled to announce that the 10th annual BlogHer Conference will return to its Bay Area birthplace next July 24-26, 2014 in San Jose, CA! You can (and probably should) register now! ...more
wow! Can't wait! more

Must-Follow Mondays: Latina Blogs

Hispanic Heritage Month wraps up on October 15, and this week we’re spotlighting some fabulous Latina blogs you must read. Check out some of our picks and remember, our list is just a start. We want to hear your picks, too! ...more
These are such great choices! Love them all! more

Ted Cruz's Kooky Filibuster & What's REALLY Going on With ObamaCare

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas mixed filibustering with a bedtime reading of the Dr. Seuss classic "Green Eggs & Ham" for his daughters in the midst of a 21-hour speech to rally Republican support to defund the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. The moment, caught via his chief strategist Jason Johnson, blew up on Twitter in the #MakeDCListen stream....more
The healthcare solution I supported was to simply expand Medicare for all, freeing businesses ... more

"MOM" Is the Show Allison Janney's Been Waiting for Her Whole Career

I was intrigued by the premise -- Faris plays a newly sober single mother, and Janney is her recovering addict mother -- so I welcomed the chance to watch the duo rehearse some (very funny!) scenes and then talk about this unconventional comedy, which premieres tonight. ...more
@Julie Ross Godar I felt the same way when I first heard the broad outline -- and I have to say ... more