A Wrinkle in Time 50th Anniversary

Melissa Wiley recalls exactly where and when she first encountered A Wrinkle in Time, the tale that inspired millions of young feminists and sci-fi geeks with it's time traveling heroine, Meg Murry. That much-loved story is celebrating 50 years with a Facebook page and a 50 blog celebration. ...more
Oh, wow! This was my favorite book!! I recently bought the series for my daughter, now 9. more

Saying Hello

They say you never really know a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, and after last week, I can confirm for you that the proverbial "they" are absolutely correct. Last week, Jes Ferris announced that she will soon be leaving BlogHer, and I am *beyond* excited to announce that I am taking on her role as Conference Programming Manager....more
Aww... look at you!! You get to be YOU. You're totally going to rock this! xox more

Getting Emotional Over Stem Cells (UPDATED After Claims of an HIV Cure)

Editor's Update: Researchers report an HIV-positive man known as "the Berlin Patient" is believed to be cured of his HIV infection due to a stem-cell transplant he received in 2007. Though the patient's circumstances are unusual, this claim of a medical breakthrough got us thinking a lot about Erin's very heartfelt take on stem cell research from last year. What's your take on the news and the research? Has it changed since last year? ...more

I'm just finding this via the update. I understand that most of the comments are from last ... more

Week 1: Explore BlogHer.com and Win a BlogHer ’11 Conference Pass

In September, we introduced you to the new BlogHer.com design. We are thrilled by the enthusiastic feedback we've received. Since then, we've continued to make improvements (with more to come in 2011). We'd love for you to dig in to BlogHer.com and tell us what you think. And since it is the season to give, we also want to offer you a chance to win some great prizes after you've taken a twirl around the site. Each week until the end of the year, we’ll be offering a chance at a fabulous prize for your feedback! ...more

I honestly have only been browsing from my reader for a while. September, it seems. I like the ... more

BlogHer '10 RoomShare

Use this space to find roommates for BlogHer '10. The conference venue is the Hilton New York.To find a roommate, simply reply to this thread with your information, what you're looking for, etc.If you have any questions regarding this thread, please contact Jessica Ferris, Conference Programming Manager: jes@blogher.com. 

RSVP Count for July 17th

Potential food sponsors for the Meet-up on the 17th need to know how many folks we expect. Spouses, partners, friends and children are all welcome.If you are planning (or even just hoping) to come, please RSVP by commenting on this post with number of adults and number of children. If you aren't entirely sure of the numbers or that you will be able to come, that's okay. At this point, we just need a rough count for planning purposes. It's okay if we end up with a little extra food. It's not if we don't have enough. When it get's closer, we'll do the final definitive count.

Call for book reviewers

Do you like to review books for your blog?  If so, please contact us to request a review copy of Canadian Escapades: the true story of the author's 3 escapes from WW2 POW camps.

How do you feel about chiropractors? Would you see one to treat a headache?

October is National Chiropractic Month, and the American Chiropractic Association is encouraging families to consider trying chiropractic care as a treatment for several types of headaches. How do you feel about chiropractic health care?  Is it something you would consider for yourself and family?  Did you realize that seeing a chiropractor could be helpful for people who suffer with migraines and other types of headaches?...more

My entire family sees a chiropractor regularly.  Ours is a Network Spinal Analysis ... more

Avoiding and Embracing Anti-Mommy-Blogging

Are you labelled a mommy blogger because at some point, you popped out one to five children? Does the title kind of make your spine crawl a little, after having witnessed the assumptions and responses from outside the momosphere? ...more

<i>We're women who see the line and step over it, just in case someone needs to see a ... more

What Do You Think Of Preschool TV?

Ask a mom of preschoolers what she thinks of preschool TV, and you're likely to get a strong reaction.  Some of the shows the under-five crowd are positively grating.  Fox News reported last month that military interrogators have actually used the Sesame Street and Barney theme songs in their interrogations!  ...more

I couldn't live without it.  My kids favorite is Super Why.  It's fun, interactive and ... more