Gas Prices, Security, Debt: The Real Issues for Women

Every week it's a good idea to look back and try to understand what really affected women's lives and what really happened to prevent women from moving forward -- to review the top stories of the past week and ask; How will what happen affect women? ...more
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Tired of Hearing "Romney is the One" - We Haven't Voted Yet

[Editor's Note: The headmistress of The Common Room shares her thoughts on the GOP debate in Las Vegas. Did Perry perform better? Is Romney "The One"? - Denise] ...more
Romney is the 'good ole boy' GOP pick so that's it, that's who we women are suppose to vote for. ... more

Planned Parenthood, Women & Government Money

The recent debate with the federal budget and a social issue being a main topic initiated this article and my quest for information.  I’ve never had to use Planned Parenthood nor have I ever researched the organization and the facts about abortion but I had to think about having an abortion due to health concerns so I can relate a little to certain topics  Planned Parenthood has been in business for over 90 years and preforms many services for women that include abortions....more

Thank you for the comment. My best friend has also used Planned Parenthood on and off during her ... more

Why I struggle with some peoples ideas of feminism...

I recently had a rather animated chat with a friend about Sara Palin's Alaska television series. I said that I didn't really mind it and, politics aside, I'd love to be able to do the sort of things she gets to do in the beautiful outdoors that Alaska provides. My friend said that she hated the show and that Sara set feminism back fifty years. It got me thinking about a subject that I have struggled with when it comes to some peoples ideas of feminism. Not everyone's mind you, but its an argument I seem to hear a lot....more

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This whole thing is upside down,

Despite what the government mouthpieces tell you, real unemployment is closer to 20% than 9. We are trillions in debt and sinking fast. Millions of families are literally one paycheck or one lay-off from homelessness. “”Change we can believe in” has morphed into “Change we feel” in our pocketbooks and in our lives.  So the race begins....more

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I agree with women health care issues, I will post my article next month on ... more