Hispanic Heritage Is American Heritage

When I met my husband, I threw myself into every part of his Mexican culture. I learned to prepare traditional foods, like mole and capriotada for special occassions. I took Spanish in college, became the director of our church's annual Hispanic fiesta and eventually began planning our wedding that included items like a lazo, cojines and arras. There were so many new things to learn, but I never felt overwhelmed or out of place....more
I love that you've embraced Hispanic heritage. I think taking on the culture of the person you ... more

GCB: Who Are The Real Mean Girls?

When I mentioned on my blog and on twitter that I couldn’t wait for GCB to premiere on ABC, I was inundated with people asking, mostly accusing, “Don’t you know what it stands for?”Well, yes, I know what it stands for, and yes, I set my DVR....more
I liked it, it's definitely one of those shows that I will not analyze because then I won't like ... more

When Did Saying "Happy Holidays!" Become a Bad Thing?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us, and apparently, we can count on two things - a showdown in Congress and whining about the supposed war on Christmas. It's ironic, isn't it? Everywhere you look, there are Christmas decorations. Christmas music is being piped into every store and restaurant. The Christmas season has stretched longer and longer, with Christmas merchandise now appearing in stores even before Halloween. And yet, somehow, this isn't enough emphasis on Christmas for some. Consider the following examples: ...more
I'm a Christian that cares about Christmas but I could care less what people call it. If someone ... more

We're the Real Beastie Boys: Fight for Your Right, Revisited

Watch out for Will Ferrell. Or is that Ad-Rock?...more

Wow! You've arrived when you have all of those heavyweights in your video. This brings back ... more

Teaching Manners To Children Other Than Your Own

Growing up, manners were no small joke in our household. Lessons learned that I used to find embarrassing I am grateful for today. I was taught to not only say hello to the parent of a friend I was calling on the telephone but announce who I was. Friends who called me on the phone and gave the usual, "Is Reedu there?" were answered by my mom with a "Yes," and a dial tone....more

I don't know how hard the door hit your stroller but I probably would've been pissed too. I ... more