I Graduated, and It Feels Great

It was instilled in me for years that I was supposed to get my college degree, but my path to this goal was far from typical. This post is part of BlogHer's Goal, Accomplished! editorial series, made possible by Always Infinity. ...more
I am so happy for you and we can be our own worst enemy. Only you could decide and achieve what ...more

How I Learned to Love Neutral Makeup

My love affair with makeup started in the early 2000s. Buying and applying makeup was a sport. I’d go to the makeup counter after school and lust over the colors, even though I couldn’t afford a single one. I’d scour makeup forums for tips and ideas. The makeup monster was created....more
I've gone through this as well! Like you I had to have every shade of each color. I have too ...more

A Routine That Makes Me Feel Beautiful

At the end of the month, I start to look raggedy. It’s annoying, really. I’m working on the routine that sets my world ablaze, so that I never have to have a bad nail, brow, or hair day again! It’s amazing how making small changes to your body can make me feel invincible. ...more
I have a similar beauty regimen especially when it comes to my hair. I really love my locs and ...more