About the BlogHer Book Club

BlogHer is thrilled to be collaborating with Penguin Group USA to bring you reviews of great upcoming books, author interviews, book discussions and much more! They’re all part of our new BlogHer Book Club. ...more

I am so excited. I love books. It drives my husband crazy because I am always getting new ... more

How to go from 0 to 10,000 Facebook Fans in 5 Months

Conference:  BlogHer '11 Track:  Skills 1: Social Media Geek About You Name:  Wendy (Sweetie) Limauge Wendy and Lisa will show you what they did to go from zero to 10,000 adoring Facebook fans in 5 short months. Learn what Flash Giveaways are and how to use them to build up your Facebook fan page; why you need to use Facebook to drive traffic back to your blog; why you need to create a customized Facebook Welcome page, Info or Team page; how interacting with your fans will keep them coming back, and how to use "Shoutouts" to get noticed by brands and work with other bloggers to help each other grow....more

I really wish I could go. Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near there and don't have the ... more