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At 47, I am a midlife mom, a grandmother, a writer, a singer, a blogger. I have... read more

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How I Turned My Dirt Yard Into a Tropical Paradise for $250.00 ( and a LOT of sweat)

I couldn't afford to hire a landscaper, I had no gardening skills whatsoever, but after looking at my bleak disaster of a yard, and my two little ones inside with nowhere to play, determination won out. My husband and I drew up a plan, grabbed our shovels and got to work. It took a few weeks of HARD SWEATY WORK, but it was totally worth it.We went from this: To this:...more
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How I Got Published (in a Totally Random Way)

When I got the phone call that Seal Press had bought our anthology The Shame Prom, I was cautiously optimistic. When I got the email, I smiled…a little. When my agent sent the contract for review, I carefully read it over and asked the pertinent questions. And when my writing partner Amy called and said, in so many words, WHY AREN’T YOU OVER THE MOON? THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I, the girl who’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop said, “I’ll believe it when I have the signed contract in my hand.”...more

Great story. Being an author too I rejoice with you in your success. That mutual support is so ...more