Will Work for Pay

When I left the work force 16-years ago, the word “blog” didn’t exist and when it came into being, I was a busy, low-tech “Stay at Home Mom.” Being president of the PTA, volunteering in classrooms, and scheduling snacks for kid’s sports’ teams kept me busy and my volunteering extended to various boards, activist roles, and community events. Basically, I worked a lot – for free....more

BlogHer Food and Too Much Fun!

I had the best time at BlogHer Food this past weekend! With 3 days of meeting new people, making new friends, and eating delicious food, it was an absolute whirlwind trip to BlogHer Food 2012 in Seattle, Washington....more

Finished Briefcase for BlogHer Food

Finally! I just finished my “new to me” briefcase for BlogHer Food. This year's conference is in Seattle and I'm excited to be attending as well as a speaker. This briefcase turned out quite nicely considering how it began – as an estate sale find that was $1.50 and destined for the garbage heap if I hadn’t saved it. Even though it sat on my sewing table for a while, patiently waiting its turn in the do-it-yourself, re-do-it, tear-it-apart and fancy-it-up pile, it’s done now and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out....more
 @wdolderer You are so welcome for the inspiration!  Enjoy BlogHer in NY....maybe I'll see you ...more

A New Briefcase for BlogHer Food

In case you haven’t heard, I’m speaking at BlogHer Food later this week. I’m honored to be doing so and am very excited....more

Frugal and Fancy Mother's Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th this year and it’s coming soon....more

Three Time Tested Family Rules

When you have a job, you get feedback on you’re doing. When you’re a parent, you don’t get any feedback. You’re still performing a job but you don’t get reviewed on how it’s going....more

Meet Your New Friends: Early, Often and Compounding Interest

Saving for Retirement:  I’d like to introduce you to your new friends: Early, Often, and Compounding Interest....more
Very good advice! I truly believe the earlier you save regardless of the amount the better off ...more

Meet Internet Girl

Meet Internet Girl! She’s fun, she likes shiny objects, and she’s easily distracted....more

Bathroom Progress Part 5

The best part about the bathroom project, aside from the toilet working, bathtub working, and the sink working, is the pretty shower curtain and Roman shade....more

Social Networking and Parents Behaving Badly

We’ve been talking with our teens about the recent incident that happe...more