Exciting News

I know, I know. I've been a bad Foodie Princess not keeping up with my family here at blogher but I'm sure I don't have to explain to any of you how life just gets in the way sometimes. I didn't really get to post anything that I wanted in this great community over the past few weeks but that is definitely going to change. I have exciting news, I'm pregnant! ...more

Thank you so much, my first appointment is November 27th so I will be checking back in around then. more

Welcome to my Kingdom

I have been a member of Blogher for about two weeks and have been dying to introduce myself but as usual life gets in the way. To some I'm known as Mrs. Jones or Sister Jones, I even have someone who calls me Mommy but I'm best known in the blogsphere as the Foodie Princess. I am a wife, mother, and culinary school graduate residing in New Jersey. I currently work in Higher Education but I am in the process of launching my own personal chef business which I hope will kick off the first of the new year. My goal is to blog here in this wonderful community about once a week. ...more

Thank you for the kind words, love your site as well !

Happy Cooking,
Foodie Princess more