Expat Moms Chronicle Raising Kids In a Foreign Country

Mothers tend to share in many of the same struggles, no matter where they live. It can be hard to help our older children interpret tricky social cues, and it can be difficult (for moms of very young children, especially) to find a supportive network of other moms. But imagine if you were navigating through your motherhood journey in a country different from the one in which you were born. Imagine going through the adaptive process in a foreign country not only for yourself, but also steering your children through it. ...more

My kiddos are dual citizens and have only ever lived in the USA for a few months this ... more

Whose story is it: Yours or Theirs? Blogging the Teen Years

I have been writing my blog, Mommy Needs Coffee, since 2003.  When I started writing it my children were ten, seven and two.  (At least within months of those ages. ...more

I agree with you on this one. 

 It came to my mind early on in blogging because my ... more

Our Bodies, Our Selves, Our CHILDREN'S Selves

It's Love Your Body Day. That's a good thing, and, also, a very, very sad thing. ...more

I saw the title of this post and said "Yah, you're so right!"  That's one of my ... more

Cruising BlogHer's Canadian Blogroll

Today I was looking for something to Distract me. Yes, that is "distract" with a capital "D". My own blogroll had been read and I had reached the end of my usual internet haunts. It was BlogHer's Canadian blogroll to my rescue. Here's a sampling of some of the much needed distractions I found there today. Much has been said about Canada's performance at Beijing Summer Olympics. wants to know what you think. ...more

Hey, that's so cool!  Thanks for including me in this list, and for highlighting other ... more

Christmas Eve: A Time for Romance

With Hunky Actor Boyfriend far away in the frozen north (sniff), my Christmas Eve will be all about friendship and fun (yay!). But knowing what I know about the magic of Christmas Eve, I'm betting there will be plenty of romance happening around the blogosphere. The passion blog offers 5 Ways to Romance the Holidays: ...more

This is excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing it! You're right - we need to tend our ... more

My feed-reader runneth over

AACK! How is it that in just a few days one can amass 354 unread new feeds in Bloglines?  I guess it could happen in any feed-reader, really.  I haven't been keeping up with all my favorite blog because I have been busy - flowers and bedroom stuff come to mind.  So I sit down today to catch up a bit and there were seriously 354 NEW posts since I had been there last (which I think was Tuesday). I think I have a few too many blogs to keep track of. How do you do it?  How do you decide who to follow and who to let fall off your blogroll?  Every blog I am subscribed to has had at least one cool thing that I enjoyed or valued.  There is a lot of good stuff out there, but I have a life in the real world, not just in the blogosphere.  There isn't time to keep up with it all.  Add to that e-mails and Facebook... SO much stay connected with!  How do you decide?  I would seriously like to know. ...more

You're joking about 4200 new items, right?

WOW! I am overwhelmed with the 100 or so I get a ... more

Reclaiming the Master Bedroom

I am messy.  I am not a born-organized kind of person.  Things around me are not dirty (I don't like dirty), but there is clutter.  There are piles all around my desk and all over my husband's desk and on top of the file cabinet and on my bedside table.  Things stack up on the table just inside the front door, on the buffet in the kitchen, on most any flat surface.  My sweetie and I don't mind this for the most part. It drives my mom-in-law and my daughter nuts, but we can always find what we need.  Stuff is all filed choronogically and geographically.  It's like this:  I had it yesterday and I was on the computer so it must be near the top of this stack over here.  I'm not making excuses.  I'm just stating the facts.  I try to be organized and I can't keep it up.  If I go it all at once, I get burnt out.  If I try to take it slow and easy, I get bored.  So, compared to my house 5 years ago, I have more stuff (mostly more kid stuff), but it is getting less cluttered and more organized one project at a time.  Once I get something done it usually isn't too hard to hang onto it (except for those flat spaces in the common areas - they ALWAYS collect ALL the paper that comes into the house).  ...more

Mousy32922 - you're right. It's particularly difficult with toddlers. There were days (weeks, ... more

Hiya BlogHer Buddies!

Hi there! I'm a new member of BlogHer and I'm just getting the hang of all there is to do from here. I'm marching through the "Using This Site" steps and becoming more familiar with all the great features. It's a bit slow going as I'm trying to manage my computer time wisely, but I'm getting things set up. I'm excited to be part of this community. It's great to "meet' you all, and I look forward to great stuff from you ladies!! ...more

Whoops! I forgot to include my blog address... I know it's in the signature when I make a ... more