Family Travel: What Not to Do. What to Do.

We just got back this week from a cross-country trip to Florida with the 3 and 5-year-0lds to visit my parents. I grew up there so it was a whirlwind trip of seeing family and friends in a 4-hour-radius of Central Florida. As with any trip I learned a lot. Before going I shared these tips and rookie mistakes in fact, but I’ve got more to share after almost 2 weeks away....more

Is Suicide Selfish?

September 4-10 is National Suicide Prevention Week. September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Its time to change the legacy of suicide. Time to change the stigma of mental illness.Do you think a parent who dies by suicide is selfish?I’m willing to bet more than a few of you said YES....more
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Today I Honor Mothers ... and Not Just the Happy Ones.

Today I honor Mothers.But wait. I know for many, Mother’s Day is not necessarily a happy day. It can be a reminder of struggles and pain.So today I send my love and support to the following strong women....more

I’m Not A Bad Mom Because I Take Medication

OK, its confession time. I take antidepressants. I took them when I was pregnant with Ronin. I took them when I pumped breastmilk for him for 13 months. I took them when I was pregnant with Ellie. And I’m still taking them while I continue to breastfeed her at 14+ months. I believe this DOES NOT make me a bad mom....more
The judgement we cast upon ourselves is the harshest anyone else could possibly send our way ...more

I’ve Realized Suicide Awareness can be a Deterrent

I started my blog in honor of my friend who committed suicide on Christmas. Her name is Dina and I was blessed to know her.As a person with quite a bit of experience with mental illness myself, I'm quite certain she had mental health issues that were never properly diagnosed or treated. It was no one's fault. She was brilliant and knew how to put on a face to the world that didn't show her true pain...unless she wanted you to know....more

You are so kind to read both and comment. I truly appreciate our support. I feel blessed to be ...more