Why I Won't Let My Child Watch The Muppets, Toy Story or The Lion King

But "old enough" can be such a relative term. Is an explosion OK? How about if someone punches someone else? What about an innuendo that soars right over his head but that he might decide to quote on the playground later? But that isn't even the real reason I hold off. It's because I love these movies so much, I want the kids to really appreciate what they're seeing. They won't get the Star Wars reference in the second Toy Story until after they've seen Empire, for instance. They wouldn't understand why Uncle Scar was being so mean to Simba in Lion King. If they don't get the movie, they won't like the movie....more
We've always been pretty careful with what our kids watched, but years ago on Christmas Eve, my ...more

What not to wear, family edition

So the pre-Thanksgiving wave of catalogs is well under way. I don't know who these companies are or why they have my name on record, but they're sending me catalogs anyway. I hate to think how many trees died so these places could trick me into an impulse buy, plus shipping....more

The Baby Doll Dilemma: Is It About the Doll or About Annoying His Sister?

we all cooed over kiddette and her purple goo-gooing doll, and how funny it was that she knew just what to do with the doll, and isn't it strange how she took right to dolls and stuffed animals while her big brother went right for trucks and cars and airplanes and Legos. And then kiddo noticed the doll. Promptly he became obsessed with it....more
That's awesome, Lucinda -- how did the nurturing differ?more

Partying, pre-princess style

There are two problems with planning kiddette's 2nd birthday party. One is that it's her 2nd birthday party, not her 3rd. The other is that she's apparently not girly-girl enough for the party gods just yet....more

Kids and food and utter confusion

In no particular order, a grab bag (goodie bag?) of irritations:• If your kid has a dairy allergy, why would you 1. bring the kid to a kiddie birthday party at which pizza will inevitably be served, 2. pull the cheese off a slice and give that to him, figuring it'll be safe enough, 3. not watch your kid in case he gets the bright idea to grab someone else's slice?...more

Seeking myself in my daughter's hair

Truly, amazing timing. Just when I was going to write about curly hair anyway, along comes this essay in the Times. They read my mind!Because I'm beginning to think my daughter might be a curly girl after all. Her hair started out straight -- sticking straight up, in fact, for the first three months of her life. Which was hilarious. I told everybody she was going through a punk phase. When it started to flop over like normal hair, I was quite sad....more

If You Do That One More Time, I'll Do Absolutely Nothing

The First Rule of Parenting is: "Thou shalt not judge other parents." It is, of course, broken with impunity by... oh, everyone. Including me, as I proceed to Rule #2: "Thou shalt not make a threat thou ist not prepared to follow through on."Bad Shakespearean-ese aside, why do people do that? "If you don't eat your dinner you'll get no dessert!" Except that you're out at a restaurant and you want dessert, and you'll look like the world's worst schmuck if you get a brownie sundae and your kid sits there watching you eat it through teary eyes, so you get him dessert anyway....more
Hee, ThatAnneGirl. I have yet to bring them on a plane -- the thought terrifies me -- but I ...more