Life is so darn funny, crazy, and irrupting sometimes, what to do........

Ok  so I allowed my youngest twin daughter to take our grandson with her to see his mother on Mn and then the 3 of them would go out to vegas for a little fun in the sun with him. I have yet to talk withmy grandson as he seems tonot want to talk on the phone with me ever which I find totally ironic becasue when he is here it's nana this nana that and so forth. Not only that I am trying really hard to make some headway with my daughter and that is seeming to not happen either. I am so confused right now....more


So, today I am dealing with my anemia and it is like come on already because I have so many things that need to be done in my home. Oh yeah and not to mention I will be taking a short stint to Minnesota which quite honestly I am not looking forward to at all butt it gots to be done. My challenge while I am there will to not buy any pills while I am there or use any excuses to get them. Oh I will be getting an owl tattoo while I am there I am stoked about that....more


Ok so I titling these blogs is for the birds cause I am not sure on how to title them but what I do know is that my first blog was truth from a past that built a very strong and courageous fighting woman who strives to grow each and every day. ...more


Where do I begin, today I got inspiration from Natalie and it was refreshing cause it reminded me that I need to give something back on a very important area of my life that I have not done in a while which is my addiction to sex, alcohol, pills, street drugs, and shopping and food which quite honestly now that I think about it I could probably be addicted to just about anything if I allow myself too....more