A Bright Pop of Color

Ok I'm REALLY into an orange front door, especially since Shawn said "go" to it for our house. We both just agree that it's too soon to paint the house (4 months-fresh) even though we are just NOT tan/beige/taupe house people.I think taking this baby step towards hanging our freak flag will get the neighborhood used to us. Here's some other orange doors that are GORGEOUS. ...more
The second one is the best - but you need to add something else in orange! more

Etsy Love: Thanksgiving Decor

I love me some Etsy. Don't you? ...more
I love your ideas and decorations more

Growing Your Own Garlic

In gardening, every plant has its prime sowing and harvesting season. Many things overlap or happen all at once, but there is a steadiness and rhythm too. Late spring and early summer brings something new to pick almost every week. By late summer, the pace quickens to daily harvesting and preserving. And by the time the garden is finished in early fall, it is time to begin thinking about planting garlic. I love that garlic gets to be planted separate from the spring rush, affording a little extra attention to be lavished....more
Yummy delicious.... our home is NEVER without garlic :) more

CPS Showed Up at My Door: An On-Going Lesson in Consequences

I received a knock on my door this afternoon, and when I answered it I was met by a small, blonde woman who announced that she was from child protective services and she needed to talk to me. If you've never had that experience (and I hope you never have), let me try to describe how it feels. Your heart starts racing. Your mind starts spinning, frantically trying to recall something -- anything -- that could warrant a visit from CPS. I was in full panic mode, but trying my very best to hold it together. Or to at least not pass out....more
I know this is a really serious issue, but forgive me because I can't help laughing. The ... more

Talking to My Daughter About Love -- and Race

Because her brother stayed home, A and I had a nice long ride to work together today. She's been having some trouble sleeping lately.  Talking about that led to talking about her dad and I, and that led to talking about relationships and being in love. Thinking of SG and I, I offered her some of my thoughts on what I find to be important in relationships, such as choosing someone that you really like and enjoy beyond that sensational feeling of floating you get whenever you're around them, and choosing someone who really cares about you and who is kind and sweet....more
Just like Forever 17, I raised my children to understand that race/culture should not be a ... more

Soup, Soup, Glorious Soup!

I was thinking about soup this morning, and decided I am a soup snob.Ah, soup. Surely it was one of the first foods cooked by early man, after the bloody haunch of giant elk began to get monotonous. Some soups can qualify as super-foods, with all the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants any nutritionist could ask for....more
I love soup! There is nothing better than home-made soup and especially if it's made by someone ... more

(UPDATE) Slavery: The Game a Teaser for a Dutch Documentary

Editor's note: News sources are now reporting that the video fro "Slavery: The Game" is a promotion for a Dutch documentary series about slavery. -- Julie ...more
How can there be a 'game' on slavery? Who would be so cold and so cruel? Surely this can't be! more

Perimenopause: Longing For The Red Tent

Here is the pain again… in all its spiral curves, dips and dives – plunging me into a dark unrecognizable place which has no identifying landmarks. Looking into the mirror, my waist seems to mimic my fuzzy brain, both going flaccid overnight. Just moments away from making peace with my body, out of nowhere a hormonal hell has stepped in, taken over, and apparently sideswiped the person who was once me. I am exhausted. Who does this body belong to? It couldn’t be mine. Do I really look this gray and achromatic?...more
I hate it! When will it ever end. I had a hysterectomy in 1986 and have been battling every ... more

Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Vegan Coconut Pineapple Scones

I am so pleased to be participating in this month's Gluten Free Ratio Rally, founded by Shauna from the Gluten Free Girl, and hosted this month by Lauren of Celiac Teen....more
Stunning, going to share this on my blog: Butterfly Cottage Family Recipe's with a link back to ... more

Faking a Pregnancy Does NOT Help Breast Cancer

Post your bra color = raise awareness for breast cancer?Post a sexually suggestive status about where you leave your purse = raise awareness for breast cancer??Post another sexually suggestive status about your shoe size = raise more awareness for breast cancer?Fake a pregnancy = raise even more awareness for breast cancer?  ...more
Actually, I am a survivor and am also guilty of posting these games via facebook. It's amazing ... more