Lonely: Surviving the First Year of Motherhood and Learning to Reach Out

Pushing the bright green stroller that my mother had just given me, my 3-week-old son asleep inside, I circled lap after lap of the closest indoor shopping mall to our house. It wasn't yet 8 a.m., but I was already there, alongside the early mall walkers in their white velcro shoes. I didn’t know it then, but I was doing the exact thing that I needed to be doing for my mental state at the time. I was getting out....more
Wow, what an amazing description of a difficult life transition and a testament to your passion ... more

How Staying at Home Saved My Marriage

I'm going to go ahead and say something heretical. Something very antiquated and anti-feminist. Something that might make Betty Friedan turn angrily in her grave. You ready? Here I go: Staying at home with my kids has been good for my marriage....more
Whew, I am totally with you on the time crunch after work when we swing into "second shift" in a ... more

Mommy's Law Strikes Again

Today I am going to discuss Mommy's Law; it's kind of like Murphy's Law, but only for mommies. (Just in case you needed me to explain that). Either way, you know what I'm talking about: those moments that you just sit back and think "Like, really?" I have had several of those moments today, yesterday, and all the days of being a mommy....more
Love this post and hate mommy law! My girls always fall asleep seconds before we get to our ... more

There Have Always Been and Will Always Be Days Like This

But since I don’t have Ruth’s testimony on the matter, you’ll just have to take my word for it: someday, when your future mother selves wonder and imagine, let me assure you that yes, there will be days like this. Days when you wake up with a headache bear-hugging the base of your brain. Days when you dread the sound of your firstborn’s footsteps trailing from the bedroom. Days when you almost fall asleep on the couch when you’re supposed to be changing the channel to find a requested cartoon....more
Hallelujah and amen to that! Motherhood is the most challenging job out there. But the rewards ... more

A Letter to Future Me: Remember How Much You Loved Them

Dear Me 20 Years From Now, I wonder if you've become one of those women who briefly lingers around, a safe distance behind, young moms carting their babies and toddlers through the grocery store with that far-off look in your eyes. If you gently smile at the mom when she looks up and catches your glance, obviously frazzled by how challenging taking 2 kids grocery shopping is, as if to tell her it's going to be okay. If you look at her and miss that time, want so badly to trade 5 minutes of the independence you have now that your kids are much older so that you can rest a toddler's head on your shoulder, or buckle a baby in their car seat, mindful not to pinch any belly chub in the harness....more
I felt like I could have written this! Love, love, love it and am so glad to know that I'm not ... more

Is Sibling Rivalry Good Preparation for Marriage?

Last weekend my family drove 12 hours to spend 3 hours celebrating the great-grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. Glasses were raised. Cheeks were kissed. Memories were shared and memories were made. But then, in the backseat of my SUV, hair was pulled. Names were called. More accusations were made than during the Gosselin separation. In other words, the siblings... oh how they rivaled....more
A tension headache that spans a decade - I can definitely relate tonight! Thanks for ... more

Why Our Parents Put Us To Shame

I often think about how we survived under the watch of our parents. There were no infant seats (how did you get anywhere with me in the car?), no seat belts (ok, there were seat belts, but they weren't safe and no one wore them), people smoked basically everywhere, we gnawed happily on plastic and toys full of lead, climbed on high steel monkey bars, and electrical outlets were always in plain view and ready for a zappin'.Parenting standards have obviously changed over the years (and most for good reason), but here's why I say our parents rocked....more
I LOVED this article. Here, here to the previous generations! It helps remind me that parenting ... more

Taking Obese Children From Their Parents

Recently, Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig advocated for the removal of severely obese children from their homes. An estimated two million children in the United States would qualify for this government intervention. Say what?...more
@JennaHatfield Thanks Jenna. You totally understand where I was coming from. I'm not negating ... more

Spring Gifts: How to Make Seed Tape Strips

Last spring while perusing seed catalogs and my local garden centers, I came across seed tape strips. These thin strips of paper are dotted with perfectly spaced seeds, reducing the need to thin seedlings. Intrigued, I decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost. ...more

That's what I love about do-it-yourself projects. This fits the bill and thanks so much for the ... more