Free Printable Lighthouse Christmas Card

I'm not normally into Christmas, as I don't believe in all the hype about shopping and spending money you don't have and that you really could put to a lot better use. My kids are grown, don't have kids of their own yet, I have no family, so what's the point? ...more

The Little Pink Lighthouse

National Breast Cancer Awareness month has gone international, with buildings all over the world lighting up in pink for the month of October. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Empire State Building and Kensington Palace are on the list of well known landmarks becoming pretty in pink for the month. ...more

Another new member

Hi all, I've been blogging for about four months now, and am glad to have found this community. I blog about news for lighthouse enthusiasts, especially about restoration efforts and lately about recent sales to individuals. I also have a blog off my static site about haunted lighthouses. And one about Halloween, which should be a national holiday. Also a neglected personal blog at Blogger. I'm originally from Michigan, and moved to the midcoast of Maine in 1999. I'm glad to be here, and thanks for providing a spot for women bloggers. ...more

I totally agree about Halloween!