Meatless Mondays: Why It Matters and How I'm Hoping You'll Help

Starting on Monday, May 2, I'm excited to be bringing you a new recipe feature on called Meatless Mondays. All through the week I'll be scouring food blogs in search of the best meatless main dish recipes I can find, and every Monday I'll be featuring one right here, including some of my own favorite meatless recipes once in a while. I'm hoping that when you see these delicious meatless dishes it will entice you to add more plant-based meals to your weekly menu if you're not already doing so. ...more

What a fabulous idea! Hoping to get much inspiration and swap recipies with like-minded foodies ;-) more

Announcing the BlogHer Food '11 Agenda

Have you checked out the BlogHer Food '11 Agenda page lately? if you have, you may have noticed that suddenly it is chock full of interesting, educational and yummy-sounding content! Thanks to an incredibly responsive and eager community, we had an embarrassment of riches to choose from. It almost felt decadent to savor all the ideas and proposals you all submitted! So, please go check out the full agenda, and get a load of the programming that includes gems like:...more

Does anyone know if there is something similar in London or in Hong Kong? more

How to Wear Eye-searingly Bright Colors

Big, bold brights are on the docket for spring, and I'm guessing that scares the PANTS off some of you. And even if you don't care about trends and are, therefore, still in possession of your pants, I've got some tips for ways to wear fabulously bright shades without looking like a Rainbow Brite doll. ...more

I think my favourite is the black dress and red bolero and red shoes.
Great to outline the ... more

Coming to Terms with Not Having Children

On a semi-regular, if not daily basis, I find myself scrolling through the checklist above in my head... as if somehow by thinking about and/or stating only the negative attributes that children bring to a couple's life eases the harsh reality that I, indeed, did not get to decide that I wanted a life without children but rather, the decision was made for me. ...more

Just wanted to say thank you for being brave enough to share a very honest account of something ... more