The Illusion of The "Perfect" Marriage

Just this week, Seal and Heidi Klum announced their separation after just six years of marriage. It seemed they had the perfect marriage. There was always a lot of affection between them in the media, as well as the annual vow renewals and constant talk about their sex life.It seemed they had the perfect marriage. The perfect family. Except I never bought into it....more
@DontMessWithMom Seal was still wearing his wedding ring during the interview. He said they ...more

Would You Get Your Child into Modeling?

I remember as a pre-teen, my mom would watch TV shows about modeling and the catwalk. She loved the fashions and always talked about how she thought I should be a model. She used to say, "you could get paid so much money and see the world!" It seemed like a great life. I was 5'8" (which is almost Amazonian in Hawaii where most of my friends were less than 5'5") and a beanpole in junior high. Her coaxing made me want to pursue it, so I took modeling classes at John Robert Powers in Hawaii....more
@Polish Mama I couldn't agree more. I want my boys to be the same - appreciate their ...more