A Poem: When You have Black Sons

 The TalkIt’s more than time we had that talkabout what to say and where to walk,how to act and how to strive,how to stay upright and stay alive.How to live and learn,how to dig and be dug in return....more

Age is a Reality Black Boomer Bloggers Are Creating for Themselves.

Women's History Month is quickly drawing to an end but I cannot allow that to happen without alerting you to a small group of black boomer bloggers who are functioning in social media very much under the radar.  We are all women of a certain age, which means we do not define our lives by our age alone. And we are are all black Americans.  But without reading us,  you have no idea that we are alike on the surface only....more
I encourage all of you to get off the wall.more

ICloud Cannot Locate my Mini Ipad and Apple Care's Security Sucks

I have read about the security flaws with Support Centers  that have led to widespread hacking where lost items were concerned.  The one most well drilled into my head is the saga documented at Wired Magazine involving the dissolution of the writer's digital life by hackers in less than an hour.  So when I received an email from Apple Care Support the other night, I thought someone was pretending to BE me and that Apple was inadvertently alerting me to this....more

Zimmerman back in the news AGAIN

George Zimmerman. I am almost as tired of  him as white America was of O.J . Simpson.  Last night he was arrested and he is now  being held on a felony and 2 misdemeanors. To me, Zimmerman is clearly on a road to destruction. Interestingly, the same people who defended his right to shoot an unarmed black teenager may one day have to eat crow when he kills one of his own. ...more

Can a Plant Based Diet Lower Blood Pressure

 When you’ve eaten fish and chicken most of your life, the idea of a plant based diet could make you me feel as though you might be missing something if you make this choice....more

My Australian Friend's Daughter and Granddaughter Are Trapped in Egypt

Some things happen to other people. But imagine my surprise when I learned the Australian woman and her 4 year old daughter who are trapped in Cairo are my friends' family.  The rather long and circuitous story of how  an Australian national, Amaal Finn and her daughter find themselves unable to leave Cairo is a  mother's nightmare....more
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How My Pretend Boyfriend Helped Me Plug Into Happiness

Most of us are or have been at one time in our lives in pursuit of happyness.* If you're over 30, you may be calling that a search for fulfillment rather than happiness. But the Pursuit of  'X ' or the desire to plug into happyness is a persistent human longing....more

Go Beyond Thinking and Decide, Create, Share

I am a member of the blogger kitchen cabinet for AARP’s Decide.Create.Share. - an initiative on long-term planning....more