The Best Apps for BlogHer '11

As you get ready for BlogHer '11, here are some good apps for your laptop, iPhone, or Android you might want to download and set up in advance. Usually I tell people before BlogHer to remember their gadgets, an extra power strip, an Airport Wireless and extra ethernet cable, and all their gadget chargers. This year I want to talk about software and apps! 1. A VPN client for secure network traffic over open wifi ...more

I like the app recommendations. Would not have thought about having an app-ready phone for ... more

It Is Stupidly Expensive to Be a Bridesmaid

I've been a bridesmaid, um, five or six times? And I've been a romantic-piece-of-writing-maybe-Kahlil-Gibran-or-Bible-verse reader many, many more times. I much prefer being a reader. You want to know why? It costs thousands to be today's bridesmaid. Seriously....more

I am going to be a bridesmaid soon and this is a common topic of conversation lately. Thanks for ... more

The Lowdown on Facial Moisturizers and How to Choose the Right One for You

  A while ago I published a post called Moisturizer Myths  which explained, among other things, the fact that a moisturizer will not get rid of your...more

Nice article! I never know how to choose a moisturizer! I usually go on recommendations or I ... more

Five Great Summer Hats

With summer in full swing it can be hard to look cool when the temperatures are so hot. Here are five summer hats guaranteed to keep the sun off your brow while looking lovely. Hat number 1: from JCrew. Stripes are hot....more

I came across this cool guide > "10 Can't Live Without Pieces For The End of Summer". But it is ... more

Trend Alert: Floral Prints on Black!

[Editor's note: This adorable trend reminds me so much of the 90's it hurts ...but in a good way. Floral print Docs?!?! I had them! Its return lends itself to the younger generation but I found certain pieces (like this vintage floral print skirt) bridge the generation/trend gap - Maegan Tintari | Style Editor] ...more

This trend is definitely back and I am loving it! more

Conference Corner: Nine Tips for BlogHer Newbies

Whether it’s your first conference or your fourth, sometimes we all feel like a #BH11newbie. There will always be attendees we haven’t met yet -- it’s impossible to meet everyone -- and it will often seem like there are events that everyone knows about ... except you. BlogHer wants to banish that feeling. We strive to make each conference as inclusive and accessible as possible, and today we’re offering a few tips for Newbies, and introverts, and those who feel a little gun-shy walking into a party, or a general conference room, or even just breakfast....more

These tips are awesome! Thanks for writing this article. Another great resource for BlogHer ... more