Love like there is no Tomorrow

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Came to check on you today, and was sad to hear about this loss. Sending your community hope and ...more

I Helped a Stranger Because She Was Someone's Daughter

While turning the corner at the hair products I saw a young girl, looking around sheepishly as if she were trying to go unnoticed. Hmm, I thought; what is she up to, clearly holding change in her hand and counting it out several times to make sure of the exact amount. I see what she is looking at: the many pads and tampons. I mean there's a whole wall of your choosing: ultras thin to maxi, with wings, without, scented unscented -- GEEZ -- that could be very scary for a first timer....more
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Holding on to hope, with a Special needs future.

Forever 17As each day passes we face new challenges, My 17 year old Sis is consistently told “NO” With explanations she isn’t really able to grasp. Her new crusade is Driving… “I want to drive someday” I hear this a hundred times a day. It breaks my heart more and more. As a Mother we hold onto hope that our kids will break down barriers and somehow be given every opportunity to take on all that life has to offer. For my sweet Sis there are some things she will never know....more
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Thank you BlogHer! you changed my life.

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Yes, my daughter is Special, and I'm so proud she is.

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Your daughter sounds like a courageous older sister that your other children are lucky have to ...more

Your Family, I have to love you.

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@victorias_view@DesiValentine4 This is all so true, it would be so boring without these family ...more

Setting them free... easier said than done.

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Its so hard, but I gotta keep my game face on. It seriously creeps up on you. @victorias_viewmore

Body Dysmorphic disorder... Is that me?

Forever 17 Who is that lady in the mirror? I have asked this question for so long. What I see is not pleasant and I have a hard time accepting who looks back at me. When I was a young girl my stepfather was a very abusive alcoholic, and the every day rants about my weight have unfortunately carried on into my adult years. I have dealt with many eating disorders through out my life , and I am without a doubt my biggest critic. ...more
Thank you for your honesty, I do agree that i need help and fighting this alone isn't getting me ...more

Facing YOUR truths.

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Paying it Forward

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I believe a smile and a kind word can always make a difference. Great Post!more