Car Break-Ins: What to Do Now and How to Prevent Them From Happening Again

"Will the owner of the white Mini Cooper please come to the front desk?" mumbled the dude over the gym intercom. I just finished up my workout and daydreaming of a cheeseburger when I heard the announcement....more
How awful!  I don't keep anything in my car except my son's seat, dental floss, and mints; if ... more

I Get to Work From Home! Now What Do I Do With the Children?

My exciting new job has me working from home. But school is almost over, and my kids will be home all summer. They're too old for babysitters, so what do I do to keep them away from me for the four hours a day I need to work? ...more
Today was my  son's last day of does not start for another 20 days. I will be a ... more

All the Things Wrong With a 9-Year-Old Accidentally Killing Her Shooting Instructor

On Monday, a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor as he was teaching her how to handle an Uzi at anArizona gun range and popular tourist attraction called Burgers and Bullets. Image Credit: CNN...more
The instructor is standing to her left, when he should have been directly behind her. While I ... more

I Broke Up With My Best Friend

Three years ago, I broke up with my best friend. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done—we've known each other for thirty-five years. I know it was the right decision, but there are many days when I still miss her....more
My best friend of 20+ years broke up with me four years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't miss ... more

A Letter To My Neighbors About My Yard: There's a Reason for It

Dear Busybody Neighbors,This is a letter to you, the ones that made a huge fuss over the state of chaos that was our yard after several tons of oak tree smashed our house during Hurricane Irene, the ones who welcomed us back to the neighborhood the very day we arrived home after our 10 months of refugee-living (while our house was being rebuilt) by reminding us that we had one week to clean up the yard before the America In Bloom garden snob judges came to town. There are many of you in this neighborhood. I know because I've had you pull over to remind us that our grass needs mowing even when it is only an inch or two taller than yours. I've seen you scoff at the toys scattered on the porch and the general unruliness of our yard....more
Oh. My. I'm so sorry to say that we have the same neighbors! This year, I put up Pink Flamingos ... more

A CEO Called Me Because I Didn't Respond to His PR Team

Over the weekend I picked up a voicemail from the CEO of a company that had sent me a product for review last November. Curious, I called him back. It seems his PR team told him they hadn't heard back from me when they followed up. I told him he needed a new PR team, and we had a frank talk about how to work with bloggers: Just stop following up....more
Please tell me you billed him for your time! That was a great lesson you gave him! more

No, I'm Not "Okay". I'm Going Through A Divorce!

I walked into Starbucks this morning to grab breakfast before heading to a therapy appointment and ran into a friend of mine from the homeschool co-op I used to belong to. I was happy to see her, and she offered a hug, which I gladly accepted.She then looked meaningfully at me and said, “So how are you? Are you and ex still separated?”...more
I want to smack her for you. more

The Cooperation Jar: Fostering Sibling Bonds One PomPom at a Time

"Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable."- Kenyan Proverb "Mine, mine, mine!" If you ever feel like you're surrounded by the seagulls on Finding Nemo, say I. ...more
I'm curious as to why you take away pom poms that they've earned for doing "good" when they make ... more

A Working Mother's Changing Priorities: Why I Quit my Job after 3 Days

I have been working part-time for the past five years. Why? Since my kids were born, I haven’t been able to commit 100% to the world of the "Working Women." I’m now part of the “Mommy World,” which means very long hours, no pay, lots of sacrifice, and the ultimate reward of pure love. It also means wearing comfortable fleece or yoga clothes, "natural" hair in a ponytail, and un-sexy flat shoes (aka flip flops and UGGs). ...more
When my son was born, I was working a part-time position that was suffocating the life out of ... more

Single Mom Budget Crisis

Month after month, it goes like this:...more
I think a lot of people can relate to this - whether they are divorced or not. If you qualify ... more