Do You Have Trouble Proofreading Your Own Blog?

My trade off, which as I get older, I find just as upsetting as my kindergarten teachers ridicule is the fact I struggle a great deal with proofreading. I have trained my brain to "see" what my eyes do not see. Somewhere, unconsciously, I have trained myself to compensate for what my eyes do not see properly and my brain interprets correctly for me. As a blogger the difficultly of proofreading is an incredible challenge. None more evident than when I handed out my business card for my blog and found out there was minor typo on it! ...more
I worked in a writing center, and I had two things that I always told people about proofreading ... more

The recipe box

This morning I was up with the baby at 3:30. She just needed a quick back rub and went back to sleep. Drama-less. Thankfully.Since my alarm was set for 4:00 anyway, I ended up staying up. I tried to lay back down, but what’s the point?...more
Instead of a box, I keep my recipes in a binder with plastic sleeves. I've got a mix of ... more

Inside-Out Caramel Apples

[Editor's Note: As much as I love caramel apples in their non-deconstructed form, I love the idea of these apple slices even more. It's not just because this offers a higher caramel-to-apple ratio (although I'll admit that's part of the appeal), but because these are so much easier to eat than the whole-apple option. Give these a try as an after-school or holiday snack, especially if you have local apples to experiment with! --Genie]...more
These look wonderful! I can't wait to try them. more

Which Electronic Gadget Is On Your Holiday "Wish List" This Season?

All of our research studies confirm that the BlogHer community is more digitally savvy than the total online population.  We have the women (and the moms) that find their lives greatly enhanced by laptops, smart phones and tablets.Since BlogHer women are the authorities when it comes to consumer electronics, we want you to tell us which ones you think are the hottest, most coveted items.  What kind of nifty tech gadget would you love to have this holiday season?  Pick from the list below if you see a favorite, or feel free to elaborate by leaving a comment. ...more
I'm hoping for a Kindle, but not a Kindle fire. As long as I have books on the Kindle, I should ... more

Trend Alert: Floral Prints on Black!

[Editor's note: This adorable trend reminds me so much of the 90's it hurts ...but in a good way. Floral print Docs?!?! I had them! Its return lends itself to the younger generation but I found certain pieces (like this vintage floral print skirt) bridge the generation/trend gap - Maegan Tintari | Style Editor] ...more

Love the sunglasses! I would not have thought about doing this trend with them.

Elizabeth ... more

10 Scone Recipes - The Search for the Perfect Scones Begins

  My mom likes to make this recipe for Cranberry Drop Scones on Sunday mornings.  She told me that the scones that she makes for us aren't as good as the ones she ate when she lived in England, but ...more

Thank you so much! That sounds like a wonderful recipe. I'll be adding it to my list to try. ... more

No Pants Spring!

This spring, I'm not wearing any pants! In this case, I'm speaking literally and not figuratively. Warmer weather ushers in the ability to wear cute dresses and not freeze your booty off outside....more

I am most definitely a fan of wearing dresses as much as possible!

See Elizabeth M's posts ... more

Book Review - Dining with the Dollar Diva: Divalicious Menus with Ingredients Costing $1 or Less

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. I don't mind if it's a little ... more