Disney's "Brave": Not for the Faint of Heart

The highly anticipated Brave arrived in theatres Friday. I was anxious to see what Pixar achieved with its first female protagonist so I snuck out for a matinée sans children. Having read on Common Sense Media that there were “a couple of scary sequences involving a large angry bear,” I also wanted to preview the film before letting my five-year-old son see it....more
I took my 9 yr old daughter and a couple of her friends and we all loved the movie. It was ... more

Born This Way--Messy

I come from a long line of neat-nicks, grandmother, mother, aunts and sister, are all neat by nature. My oldest daughter was born neat. Most of my friends are tidy-types. I on the other hand am not. I'm convinced one day they will find and a neat and orderly gene, where all of the strands of RNA and DNA are in nice straight and tidy lines; when they examine mine, they'll find chaotic piles....more
Now I don't feel so alone!!! Thank you for bravely and honestly sharing. I go through phases of ... more

The Uninvited

Recently I was picking up my daughter from one of her after school activites and another mother came up to me and asked "Are you going to so-and-so's birthday party?"I glanced up and gave her a puzzled look then asked my daughter "Sweetie, did you get an invitation for so-and-so's birthday party?"  My daughter was cheerful and very matter of factly said "Nope.  I saw her giving out invitations but she didn't give me one."  She shrugged her shoulders and ran off chasing one of her friends to say goodbye....more
@victorias_view Thank you & yes, very true! We are both looking forward to getting our toes done ... more

A Lack Of Commitment

I never understood how things could south so quickly in a marriage. A seemingly happy couple with children suddenly posting on Facebook that it is over, that they are no longer a "they". I really never understood and would look through past status updates looking for clues, for cracks. I never found any. And no one will find any in my status updates either. ...more
I too have been there.  I know the inescapable feeling of not being able to breathe.  But, ... more

Who Am I? I am Fearless

Who Am I? I am FEARLESS! I voluntarily jumped out of an airplane. I paid money to strap myself to a total stranger and step out of an airplane at 13,500 feet above the earth. It was INSANE! It was reviving, invigorating. I have never felt so ALIVE! Was I scared? HELL YEAH (well at first)!! My hands were heavy with sweat during our ascent. I could not tell you which was louder, the pounding of my heart or the thundering of the plane’s engines. As we ascended higher, my body was getting stiff with nervous energy....more
@victorias_view It truly was an incredibly invigorating and intense experience. By no means am I ... more

The Confrontation

Finally, her husband confessed. He'd been having an affair, as she suspected. With her best friend. She knew at that moment a confrontation was inevitable. What she didn't know is how the woman who had for so long been her foundation and confidante would respond. ...more

Thank you for your input & support. As many women who have worn these shoes know, it is a long ... more

If it wasn't because we are already married...this would be our last date.

Last weekend was we made an attempt at having a date night. We were supposed to have a romantic dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant and then we would be off to see a movie. We were supposed to leave work early, meet at home, change and then head on out again. Babysitting was covered and the kids were looking forward to a date night of their own. They had control over the babysitters, Oreo cookies, freshly baked brownies, and the Wii remote controls! They couldn't wait to get rid of us....more

Thank you for the vote of confidence. IT certainly is a long road!!

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