Beth Babineau

Hello Ladies!  My name is Beth Babineau and I'm a mature single mom of two... read more

Beth Babineau


Hello Ladies!  My name is Beth Babineau and I'm a mature single mom of two teenagers, social entrepreneur, writer, artist and professional A Capella singer.  Along the way I have experienced some pretty rough waves in staying the course.  Many challenges and roadblocks have tried to stand in the way of my dreams, but I'm proud of the stick-to-it-iveness, primarily because it has illustrated the example to my children that no matter how big the dream is, it is worth reaching for.  I now share that experience and insight in my blog "Our Abundant Family" by providing tips, techniques and resources to help families cultivate an attitude of gratitude with their own families.

Through it all, the ability to find and hold on to that which I could be grateful for, gave me the strength to rise again and again - each time with a deeper understanding of how powerful an ally the ability to be grateful was.  And so it goes.  The deep seated sense that I have something valuable to share that would eventually serve to spread ripples of awareness and support to other single moms and families, has finally given birth to Our Abundant Family.  It is a literal labor of love, and I hope it will unfold as a gift to all those who visit.

I look forward to engaging this dynamic community and getting to know the wonderful women who comprise it!