Thoughts on My First Comic Convention

I mean, according to the movies and high school and anything I ever learned from band camp, these are the punch lines, right? The nerds, the geeks, the people who don’t fit in. Except these people were amazing. They were real and colorful and…themselves. ...more
Welcome to Con going!  I, too, love the people watching and the inclusive nature.more

I Don't Know if My Kids Are Safe at School

I’m unsure how this is going to come out. There are so many emotions and questions and whatever else that I just really don’t know how to put a filter on it all. I’ve written before about the small town I live in. How it’s connected and homey. How I feel safe and rooted....more
I'm always a fan of the "surely there wasn't actually a gun on the bus, was there?" call to the ...more

Change, Spoiled Brats, and Smartphones

Since 2007 when I left behind my BlackBerry Pearl for an outrageously expensive device called an iPhone, I haven’t really looked back. Well, that’s not true. ...more

Cracking the shell on 2013

I (gasp) made some resolutions this year. And you know, for the first year (ever) they’re not things like lose weight or write a novel.Nope. I’ve decided I’m ok with the extra girth I’ve apparently taken to raise. I’m not unhealthy. I’m cutting my losses.As for writing, I do want to do more. But I’m not creating it as a goal to guilt myself with. It happens when it happens.My resolutions are more…me. More in line with what will really make me happy and not with what I feel is expected of me....more

reasons I would make a terrible politician

1. I procrastinate.2. I generally dislike people.3. I have low tolerance for bullshit.4. I say things like bullshit.5. I don’t care who you love or if you have matching genitals.6. I really think people who have more should help people who have less.7. I like to stay at home too much.8. I can’t pretend to like you if I don’t.9. I am fashion challenged.10. I am not photogenic.11. I can’t keep secrets....more

jumping on superfoods, and my latest obsession

I have always, like most people probably, been intrigued by the concept of a superfood.An elixir. Drink of life that (preferably) wasn’t virgin’s blood. Something that gave me energy and increased cup size while boosting my metabolism and slimming my waist.I ask for so little, right?Let’s see, what has it been in the past? All these things that have promised me everything my heart desires?...more

Being legitimate

Someone had to know I would broach this. It was inevitable.  In an interview aired this past Sunday, Todd Akin, a Republican candidate for Senate in the great state of Missouri, made this statement when asked about his feelings on abortions resulting from rape circumstances. “First of all, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” He really said that. Really and truly.   ...more

All God's creatures...except the ones we smash

I am a helper. I see someone in need, I want to help them out. Even if I don’t like them. Even if they don’t like me.It may be some sort of complex, but if I have it in me to assist someone in any way, I want to do that.Just to read what I have said thus far sounds kind of braggy. I swear I don’t mean it that way. Lots of times I’ve not thought before I offered to help someone and it’s turned out terribly. Like, “Sure you can borrow my refrigerator/rocking chair/video camera, I don’t mind at all!”...more

Face to Facebook friends and clutter

I’ve mentioned before that friends are not an easy thing for me to come by. I’ve never been one of those people with a full dance card (Really? What is that? The hell am I saying?) and lists of mobs to invite to birthday/wedding/graduation/whatever.I say this not because it makes me sad, but because I feel you need to know that to read the rest of this....more

Things I would have known if I'd had a brother

Growing up, I always hated being the youngest. I was very put upon and woebegone and no one understood me. My mother had been the oldest. My dad had been an only child. So I was forced to live the life of a young Mississippi girl who NO ONE UNDERSTOOD (as if anyone could have understood me otherwise).Above anything else, I always used to want a brother. A big brother. Sometimes I would pretend Stephanie was my big brother because she was so tall, but then she’d do something stupid like be a cheerleader or wear a bra and the illusion was shattered....more