Unsilencing Violence: Where Abuse Survivors Tell Their Stories

Back in early 2009, just after I launched ViolenceUnSilenced.com, a well meaning friend essentially asked me "What’s the point?" It’s not that she didn’t care about victims of domestic violence—she’s a survivor herself, and is very active in her advocacy community. She thinks speaking out is great in theory, but that it should be attached to something more tangible, such as fundraising for a specific charity, agency or shelter. She didn’t think "just talking about it" was enough.Her comment threw me....more
I have my own blog! http://rachelecoon.wordpress.com/  .. many of my own stories have been ...more

What It's Like Now

Violence UnSilenced

The past forty-eight hours have been exhilarating. They've been exhausting. They've been heartbreaking, and triumphant. I'm a mother of two daughters and I almost feel as if I've just given birth again and, in a way, I have. The baby is named Violence UnSilenced. ...more

Now I'm blogging about my blog?? (and, The Introduction)

I think, by registering on this site, I've achieved the ultimate height of ridiculousness with my new blogging obsession. But y'all have too (obviously) if you're here, so I feel somewhat more comfortable. It's not just Blogher, so please don't be offended. In the past 24 hours I've figured out how to syndicate, added Feedblitz subscription capabilities, and become obsessed - I mean POSSESSED - by that groovy Sitemeter. ...more

We don't consider joining BlogHer to be ridiculous, we consider it to be smart! Networking! The ...more