Getting Involved on the Anniversary of Let's Move: A Challenge

As the First Lady said during a conference call on Tuesday, this problem won't be solved in a year or two or even three. "This is a generational problem." In other words, it's going to not only take a generation to see this problem disappear, but it's also going to take a generation of people pitching in to make this change. It's not going to be the lawmakers or the food processors or the restaurant owners who make this change happen -- all they're going to do is provide the infrastructure; the possibility to make it happen. But it comes down to all of us to ensure that the next generation makes good choices when it comes to food and fitness. ...more

It's easy to forget about it when it's not in the news ... more

The Stigma of ADHD and Our Kids

Forgive my rant, but there is something really troubling me. Since realizing my son has a learning disability of some sort back in September 2008, I have been fired up about learning disabilities and how many children are crying out for help and are being overlooked. While I am still fired up about learning disabilities, I am obsessed with ADHD since my son's diagnosis of the disorder in November 2008. ...more

As an adult with ADHD and someone who has struggled with it ... more

Can You Prevent Your Child's Eating Disorder?

According to Dr. Bermudez, roughly 2/3 of patients with eating disorders at the time they are diagnosed are also diagnosed with psychiatric comobility (they are also diagnosed with another mental illness at the same time). Mood disorders are the most common (depression and anxiety). He's quick to point out that mood disorders are also more common across the board in terms of mental illness, than say, schizophrenia, so it does make sense -- but to me the important part is what comes next. ...more

Don't you think shows like "too fat for 15" might also be ... more