But The Baby Dies: Facing Grief in Caleb's Crossing

Warning: this book gave me a couple of sleepless nights. I love historical fiction. And I loved Geraldine Brooks' Year of Wonders so when I got her newest book Caleb's Crossing in my hands I couldn't wait to read it. True to form, I couldn't put it down. So why the melodrama about nightmares? A baby dies....more

I agree on the reader being somewhat prepared. I once read a book and at the end of the book, ... more

Epsilon Email Breach Affects Banks, Stores: Should You Be Concerned?

If you have an email address and have shared it with your bank, your grocery store, your favorite drug store chain or any number of other companies, you may be at risk for some future phishing attempts. Over the weekend, hackers made their way into a Dallas-based company called Epsilon that manages email communications and now Epsilon is warning customers to watch for fraudulent emails asking for login information. ...more

I am a travel professional and have received notices from a couple of companies that they may ... more