Eleni Gage

The daughter of a Greek father and a Minnesotan mother, Eleni Gage has always... read more

Eleni Gage


The daughter of a Greek father and a Minnesotan mother, Eleni Gage has always been obsessed with cultural rituals and traditions. So it was an obvious decision for her to study Folklore and Mythology in college (although said parents hoped she’d choose something more practical…like English).

Now a freelance writer and editor whose travel articles have appeared on the covers of Travel+Leisure, T, Budget Travel, and Town&Country Travel, Eleni has also contributed to Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, the New York Times, Parade, and The American Scholar, and held staff positions at Allure, Elle, InStyle and People magazines.

She is the author of the travel memoir North of Ithaka, which describes the year she spent living in a Greek mountain village overseeing the rebuilding of her grandparents house, and the upcoming Other Waters, which will be released by St. Martin’s Press in winter, 2011. Her first novel, Other Waters details the life of Maya Das, an Indian-American psychiatrist who thinks that her family has been cursed, as she strives to build one identity between two cultures.

Eleni now lives in Miami Beach with her husband, a Nicaraguan coffee trader. She picked her wedding date a year before meeting him, with the help of an Indian astrologer who told her she’d marry a “soft-hearted businessman” on 10.10.10. This accurate prediction is one of the many events in Eleni’s life that have confirmed her belief that Folklore and Mythology, with its focus on ritual, tradition, and divination, is by far the most useful major she could have chosen.