Why Can't I Handle My Husband's Travel?

There's this thing going on in my life right now that I keep wanting to write about and keep feeling like I can't. ...more
All the supportive comments are great, and I agree with them. It can be hard. But just saying ... more

I Don't Go To The Gym

In 2009, I worked out exactly one time. Terrible, I know. Even worse, the only reason I did it was because my mom dragged me to a yoga class. I didn't work out again until around September of 2010. I started slowly, with exercise videos at home. Still not very consistently, though. It wasn't until January 2011 that I actually started going back to the gym and working out regularly. We get so little of time to ourselves, especially during the week that I just didn't want to spend it at the gym....more
I did the 30 Day Shred last winter and was very pleased with the results. I need to get back in ... more

Raising Parents: Teaching Our Kids that Parenthood Is a Noble Career

I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, the whole Women's Liberation/feminist movement was in full swing. Moms went to work and fed their families convenient microwave dinners. Elementary school kids went home to empty houses and thus, the term "latchkey kids" was coined; teens ran around the streets unsupervised. Girls were taught that we should not want to stay home and raise babies, that we would not live up to our potential and never be respected if we wanted to be stay-at-home moms. I grew up completely believing in all of that and having a list of career dreams. Then I had a baby and the whole world twisted on its axis....more
I seriously had to turn away from this several times. You're as prejudiced agains working ... more

More Single Parent Rhetoric

  While I'm loathe to post two semi-political posts in a row, I can't stop myself. I have to take issue with this: ...more
Thanks for saying this. I don't know why these candidates target single mothers, and for that ... more

When Dad's Away, Mom Will Play: The Best Parts of Parenting Alone

And so I left him on the sidewalk outside of ticketing and drove away, praying that the call wouldn't come asking me to return to the airport and pick him up. It did not and I am blessedly free for a three-and-a-half weeks, a single mother of three. When people cluck sympathetically, I put on a brave game face, like I'm a plucky little soldier, but the truth is, there are many perks to being single....more
If you all feel this way about your mates, maybe it's time to consider another option. Or read ... more

What Moms Really, Really Want For Christmas

I can't really comprehend why men think buying gifts for women is such a mystery. Well, I got close to clarity once when I heard a husband say, "But why would you want more earrings? You already have so many!" It's an utter lack of the ability to understand what gives women pleasure, what makes them feel loved. So I'm here to help! Why try to drop hints -- which most men are simply biologically too unsubtle to capture -- when you can email a link?...more
So, so, so very true! more

The Great Pre-Holidays Toy Purge of 2011 Made Me Weepy

Both of my sons have had birthdays in the past week. Between the presents my husband and I gave them, a joint birthday party with friends bearing gifts and the inevitable toy avalanche known as grandparents, it’s safe to say we are drowning in toys. With Christmas now less than one month away, I thought it would be a good thing if we cleaned out the toy box. (Of doom. That’s how I refer to it: The toy box of DOOM.) Surprisingly, the boys were eager to lend a hand this year....more
We do this twice a year and it does bring a little twinge. Not so much anymore, but when the ... more