That doesn't make me feel better

I just found out a colleague is expecting. Ordinarily this wouldn't be big news, but after over a year of trying and fertility treatments, I finally got pregnant. And then miscarried. The colleague? Due within a few weeks of when I would have been. From a few feet away, I get to watch her bump grow and thrive, in the conspicuous absence of my own.Ooooph is right....more

Confessions of a Cold Heart

My daughter comes home from daycare with piles of "stuff" every week. I posed a question about my dilemma about what to do with it all here, please feel free to chime in with your suggestions. Naturally because I am plagued by neurosis, I wonder if my lack of attachment to every piece of "art" is a sign that I am just not sentimental enough to be a good mom?...more
Sounds like you're suffering from packrat aversion from the way you grew up. Or you're just not ...more

NaBloPoMo - Halfway there!

I put together most of the post that I'll finish off and publish tomorrow morning, officially taking me to the halfway point of my first NaBloPoMo. It has certainly been interesting. Not going to lie, some of the posts have not been my finest work but I have consciously sat down and written something every single day for the last 15 days....more

How do YOU stay positive?

Hi! My name is Julia, and I am a pessimist.This usually serves me well in managing expectations and it lends itself to my particular brand of sarcasm. But when it's time to stay positive, I have a problem.I am the mom of an amazing little girl. We decided we wanted try to have a baby and then *poof*, I was pregnant. The pregnancy and delivery that got her here were...not fun. I swore I was never going to do that again! And then that squawking lump grew into this awesome miniature person and I felt so much love my heart grew three sizes that, er, half year....more