What's In a (Starbucks) Name?

Amoeba. Armenia. Ambibia. Ar-na-by...what's your name, baby? It's rare for someone to say my name correctly on the first try. It happens, but it's rare. I've been called all of those above and a few others that make less sense. And by less sense I mean less sense of a seemingly normal person who thought Amoeba could be correct. ...more
You'd think that Alison cannot possibly be butchered, but it is, frequently. Anderson. Alicia. ... more

Don't Tell Me They're Not Real: Internet Friends Are Real Life Friends

Don't tell me they're not real. I left a comment on the most random blog post I had ever come across in my many times clicking the "Random" button on LiveJournal. The blogger replied. I replied. Then the blogger's friend replied. I looked at his avatar, this friend of the original blogger, and my eyebrow raised a little bit. The back and forth conversation went on all evening, one comment after the other. Days later, AOL Instant Messenger names were exchanged. Three years later, we stood in front of our friends and family and exchanged vows. ...more
Jenna, I truly, truly believe in online friends as real friendships. More so because I live in ... more

8 Rules Every Good Blogger Follows

I will have been blogging seven years this year. Seven. I think that’s almost longer than I’ve held a real job. This post got me thinking about how things have changed. The rules have even changed, and it seems like they do so constantly! I think sometimes people treat this whole blogging thing more like a competition, it makes me sad to see it that way because this whole thing—with traffic, brands, advertising, DFP, and page views—is digital. There is enough room for everyone. You don’t have to step on someone else’s back to get higher. ...more
Be kind is my mantra.  #8 is something I need to remind myself of frequently. Great list, Jen. more

I May Have Made Myself Unfriendable

My longest friendships are with women I have known since childhood … and who currently do not live anywhere near me....more
I get this, Katie! I think a big part of it for me is this: I'm lazy and I take for granted my ... more

So This Is Marriage: 11 Years, a Family, and Many Beer Mugs Later

“Could you?” He starts, handing me the ridiculously large Mason jar he keeps at his bedside, an ode and a tease to my latest kitchenware obsession. I reach for it with my right hand without looking up from my laptop. He fits it between my splayed fingers and I go fill it up. “Spoiled,” I say over my shoulder. “You know it,” he answers in the crinkly-eyed way that I love. ...more
Just lovely, Galit. xo more

Embracing Vulnerability Made Us Stronger

Jed has texted, called, emailed and smoke-signaled hundreds of middle-aged men over the past week with this simple message:"If you want to get lucky in the bedroom, have heart surgery. Trust me on this one."Which is why every middle-aged man in Minnesota has been giving me this strange, knowing look all week. They point to me in the grocery store, whisper about me at the coffee shop, and give me a sly wave as I drive by in my minivan. I am now an urban legend....more
It's funny how we find it easy to be vulnerable with friends or other family members, but less ... more

The Day I Was Asked By My Son's Teacher to Talk to Her Class about My Blog

The front door swung open, and there was my rumpled and gangly seventh grader, tossing his backpack onto the floor. "Guess what, Mom?" "What?" I called from upstairs.  He tipped his head up to look at me. "We are blogging in my Language Arts class, and I told my teacher that you are a blogger.  Check your blog, Mom.  My whole class was on it today.  All of her classes were.  You probably had a lot of hits on it.  Check your stats!" ...more
You are a rockstar!! ("Blogging Royalty" costume, OMG you so rock) more

Doing My Holiday Shopping at the Stores of Some of My Favorite Bloggers

One of my favorite parts of holiday shopping is buying gifts from the the online stores of some of my favorite bloggers. Here are some of my favorites: ...more
One of my favorites is Alma's shop - handmade crochet and wood items ... more

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is also Dyslexia Awareness Month. Jennifer P. Williams talks about her daughter's experience with dyslexia, a disorder that impairs a person's ability to read. They go to see Dislecksia: The Movie, a documentary about dyslexia, and she emerges from the theater with renewed energy to help her daughter combat her reading disorder. ...more
This was such a great post jen_p_williams more

The Other Side of the Weight Spectrum: Being Too Thin

This is not a pity party. I am relatively healthy, of sound mind (albeit occasionally debatable). I love myself, I do. I practice self worth in front of my girls, never complain about my [under]weight. I am happy and free and in love with my body in front of them. Oh, I can give the performance you've never imagined. But inside my head? Ugly. Skinny. Tittyless. Meatless. You're always cold because you don't have enough meat on your bones. No one wants you. Your husband is pretending. Your girls are destined to follow the skinny path. Make them some potatoes. ...more
You're fierce, Arnebya. Your heart is golden. You are beautiful, inside and out. Though, yes, ... more