Yesterday, I mentioned the Home Depot Do-It-Herself workshop I participated in.  I thought I would share a picture of the concrete paver planter I made....more

Not That Girl

I try hard to be "that girl."  You know, the one with the nails that look perfect, the fabulous outfit, and the great life.   The great life?  I'm well on my way.  I work hard, love hard, and eventually I hope to have time to play hard! The nails?  Let me tell you how that works.  A couple of weeks ago, I created my front garden.  I put down 4 cubic feet of black mulch which resulted in seriously gray-stained fingernails!...more

Completely Free!

Adding joy does not have to cost money!  As this week is National Library Week, what better way to celebrate than getting your library card? Libraries are no longer just books.  Most offer movies to check out and more libraries every day offer e-book rental you can take advantage of from home.  Re-visit favorites from your childhood or re-read those books you dreaded in high school....more

Starting Anew

Once you have evaluated how to eliminate items from your life causing the stress and need for multi-tasking, it is time to start anew.  It entails re-arranging your previously packed schedule.  When doing so, you now have the opportunity to build in those precious pockets of time for self-care. Self-care has been discussed on this blog before.  As women, we cannot take care of others without taking care of ourselves.  This is something I am working hard at, being one of those women who take care of everyone BUT myself!...more

Knock It Off!!

Part of the pressure to multi-task comes from self-imposed expectations we impose on ourselves.  As women, we believe we should be able to do it all. ***NEWSFLASH*** We can't!!  Attempting to do it all results in stress, exhaustion, tension, and one miserable woman. Taking tasks on one at a time allows you to give your all to that one task, providing an immense sense of satisfaction upon completion....more

Multi-tasking or Multi-stressing?

As I enter my later years (okay, I'm actually here), I am learning that multi-tasking is not necessarily an enviable skill.  While it may feel like much is being accomplished, the reciprocal increase in stress is an unfortunate result. When I multi-task, I do not give my full attention or effort to any of the projects I am working on. Only when I give my full focus to the task at hand do I obtain the optimum result.  This is especially true in my writing and my craft work....more

A Comedy of Errors

I had such high hopes for this past weekend.  I had my to-do list ready to go.  Spring breakers are in town so I knew I would be on lock-down all weekend as it would be impossible to get anywhere!  In addition, rain was forecast for the whole weekend so that guaranteed I would have to stay in the house and behave. Then the leak happened.  Just a small drip in the bathroom.  Nothing to worry about, right? Well...when I got home from work Friday night, the drip was now a large drip....more

Frugal Repurposing

Earlier this week, I posted about the tile tray that now graces my coffee table.  Unique, one-of-a-kind items do not always equate to expensive.  Repurposing an existing item into something new can be both a frugal and personal way to enrich your home and life....more

Feeding My Soul Part III

My third activity this past weekend to feed my soul was a bit more crafty.  I enjoy creating things, especially those items that bring beauty to my surroundings. I had seen this project on the internet, but didn't have access to the exact things that person had used to make it.  Living an a city that is on the smaller side sometimes limits my access to certain supplies that are more readily available in larger urban areas....more

Feeding My Soul Part II

I am a huge recycling fan.  I believe that anything possible can and should be recycled.  Of course, part of recycling is up-cycling.  One of my projects this weekend was an up-cycled success! My son found a gorgeous tiled picture at Goodwill.  His first thought was that it would make a great tray for the coffee table....more