What a weekend.  All the huge plans I made last week went right out the window!  I took Friday off work to get a head start on my plans.  Of course, I then promptly woke up Friday morning with a full blown cold!   Life throws us curves on a constant basis.  As a dear friend described it, life is a roulette wheel and you never know where, or on what experience, it is going to land....more


This week we discussed fears, both good and bad.  To wrap up the subject, let's talk about the exact opposite -- courage. What is courage?  Courage, by my definition, is being afraid and doing it anyways.  Just like my determination to walk the bridge, I am afraid but doing it anyways.   What are you afraid of?  Are you willing to take the risk and do it anyways?  Will you join me in "walking the bridge?"  Be courageous!! Love,Jerri...more

A Little Bit is a Good THing

While some fears are meant to be faced, others serve a purpose.  A bit of fear at night in a dark parking lot serves to keep us aware of our surroundings.  Fear of wrinkles and melanoma makes sure we apply sunscreen.  Fear of osteoporosis ensures we get enough calcium. While debilitating fear harms, a small amount of fear can serve a healthy purpose.  Of course, there are also those fears that are automatic and are never alleviated.  Foremost, of course, is the fear every mother carries for her child....more

Pushing Back

Fear is a powerful force in nature.  It is all too easy to give in, to let it take control, and let it run your life.  I know that I, personally, have let fear rule more times than I should have in my life.  I finally had to make a conscious decision that I would push back. Next weekend, I plan on confronting two big ones head-on.  There is a very high bridge running over water between two towns here on the Coast.  I HATE high bridges.  I also have a very healthy fear of heights.  Next weekend, I want to walk the bridge....more

Fear and Aging

Read the title again.  It says "and" not "of".  Aging itself is inevitable and not to be feared.  Aging does, however, bring risks that can lead to fear. I recently had a bone density exam, revealing osteopenia.  All my life, I have been someone who has been a bit reckless, never paying attention if I had to jump off or over something on one of my adventures.  Now, I must be mindful.   My bones are beginning to soften.  A fall now could do immensely more damage than when I was young....more


Yesterday, I spoke a bit about compartments.  Women, particularly mothers, are experts in this skill set.  We split into completely different personalities depending on the given situation.  A woman can be a mother, lover, employee, wife, housekeeper, etc. at the drop of a hat.  The tone of our voices change, how we dress, even our actual posture will change depending on the current role....more

Back to Business

Enough wallowing!  I'll admit, I am still having a rough week but life continues.  I have to vote tonight after work in my city's mayoral election.  The dogs still want to chase the tennis ball, and dishes still need to be washed. Is that not a vital part of adulthood?  The skill of being able to compartmentalize feelings, duties, and responsibilities in order to carry on?  The feelings do not disappear; but we set them aside in order to meet our obligations....more

A First I Never Wanted

Yesterday was a first for me.  But it was a first I dreaded and, naively, never wanted.  Yesterday was my first Mother's Day without my mom. I did not anticipate how hard this would hit me.  Thinking about Mother's Day, the predominant thought running through my mind was that I didn't have a mom.  While this is a common status for women of my age group, this was my first Mother's Day without her.   Admittedly, I probably did not handle the day in the best way possible....more

The Best Things in Life are Free

Mother's Day is this Sunday and everywhere you see people (especially men!) scrambling for the perfect gift.  The perfect gift, however, is not in the store. For most moms, especially those of my age-the empty nesters, the most precious gift we could receive is time.  Time is not found at the store or online.  You already have it; Mom just wants to share a bit of it with you. This Mother's Day, pick up the phone if you are unable to be there in person....more

The Value of Knowledge

All of us have an area of knowledge in which we excel.  You may be an expert baker, crocheter, or be an online guru.  What is that knowledge worth? My particular area of expertise is finding things for free, whether through sweepstakes or online sites. I share that knowledge here on Frugal Fridays.  That does not mean I am giving my knowledge away for free as I do earn a small pittance from my blog....more