Limits...the setting of which I struggle with.  How about you?  Do you find it difficult to set limits, draw boundaries, or just say no? When dealing with a particular person or situation, I always endeavor to approach it from a place of kindness.  Unfortunately, I am beginning to feel that a number of people view that kindness as weakness.  This opens the door for that person to take advantage....more


What is the ultimate purpose of all this nesting, rearranging, and prioritizing?  The ultimate purpose is the enjoyment of your life, environment, and time. Your environment, when rearranged and prioritized, will create a more peaceful, calm place for you to live and work.  Imagine being able to go to your closet in the morning, knowing you have outfits ready to go for that day or even that week's work schedule....more


e have nested and rearranged.  Now it is time to prioritize. Let's go back to your calendar.  You've already rearranged it, combining some items and eliminating others.  It is time, now, to prioritize what is left. Believe it or not, not everything has to be done right now.  There are items on everyone's calendar and to-do list that can either wait or not be done at all....more


As part of your summer nesting, choose something to rearrange.  It could be your closet, your dresser, or even your calendar!  Rearranging even the smallest thing or portion of your life and/or environment brings the blessing of a fresh perspective. Let us use your closet as an example.  By rearranging your closet, you find hidden gems you forgot you had.  You will also, if you are anything like me, find those bargain buys that weren't such a bargain!...more


I am an odd creature.  While most women nest during the winter, I actually prefer to do those types of activities during the summer.  It is unbearably hot outside and I find indoor activities to keep me busy! I recently started a crochet project, I have cookies and fudge on the schedule to be made, and curling up with a book under a ceiling fan is a must!   Now nesting in summer is a bit different from the winter!  An ice cold drink has replaced the hot peppermint tea....more

Free Preparation

When preparing, whether for aging or natural disasters, there are a number of free resources available. Check your state website.  The site may have links to disaster preparedness specific to the events which occur in your area.  In addition, check out this emergency preparedness checklist from FEMA: ....more

Stay Present

I have written all week about preparation.  Like drinking or eating, preparation should also be done in moderation. All of our focus cannot be on preparing for the future or anticipated events.  If we do so, we lose the joy and wonder of the present.  Each day is a gift and, while some time may be spent in preparation, the majority of our time should be spent living in the present. That is not to discount the value of preparation....more

Preparing Others

Part of the preparation of aging is preparing others in your life for that inevitable occurrence.  In truth, preparing others is even more difficult than those steps you take for yourself. A few weeks ago, I gave my son my living will.  His initial response was fear.  Fear that I wasn't telling him something or that a health crisis was imminent.  While neither was true, it took some convincing on my part!...more

More and More

I spoke yesterday about preparing for hurricanes.  As I age, I have noticed that there is more and more that I must prepare for and take specific steps to either complete or anticipate. I am learning to take things a bit slower.  While my usual speed is at warp, I am slowing down to mere breakneck.  I have learned to pack things in smaller containers, and at lighter weights.  There are a million little things I am learning to make adjustments for as I age. Preparing for aging is not giving up....more


I live on the Gulf Coast.  The home in which I now live is only two blocks off the beach.  With that circumstance, I realized I need to prepare a hurricane kit. Using some of the Amazon gift cards I earned last month (see Moneymaker tab above on the blog), I ordered two hurricane lamps.  When I receive the rest of my gift cards, a large cooler will be on its way! Luckily, I had earned the extra money to buy those items.  My budget surely doesn't allow that kind of expenditure!...more