Girly Arms & Other Insults

My friend is the mother of two beautiful, bright, creative boys. And she is a great mom (and friend). But the other day she insulted my daughter. Unintentionally, of course. (this isn't about what she said, but the important issue that was raised,  so please don't read this as a criticism of another mom... just a learning moment for us both!)....more

Button Trees :: Christmas Craft for the Kids

Buttons are all the rage right now (if Pinterest hasn't lead me astray). And we are in search of fun, attractive and affordable kid-friendly Christmas crafts for giving to family and friends. I have been mulling over two crafts: {{THIS}} button wreath by Martha Stewart and {{THIS}} sweet felt tree. ...more

Monsters Hate Rosemary :: Taming Bedtime Fears

For a child with an active imagination, bedtime fears can be tough to tame. I should know... I was a kid like that. Since I spent my family's (scary) movie nights hidden in my bedroom with a paint by number and Cyndi Lauper cranked up high as a child, I understand my daughter's easily ignited fears of the dark and unknown. Honestly, even as an adult I can be spooked walking home after dark and I always check my back seat when I get in a vehicle at night and I never ever sleep in a room with the closet doors open. ...more
Oh! I agree, and the lavender is so restful... lucky break on my part to have it at hand! more

Playsilk Shopper's Guide :: Part Three (Size)

Last week, I began a series of informational posts to help parents and family shop for playsilks for the little ones in their lives. ...more

Playsilk Shopper's Guide :: Part Two (Quality)

Last week, I began a series of informational posts to help parents and family shop for playsilks for the little ones in their lives. You can find the opening post HERE. This week, we'll take a look at quality. ...more

Playsilk Shopping Guide :: Choosing Toys for Wonder Full Kids

With the holiday season approaching, I thought I would share some tips and information to help you shop for playsilks~ whether you are new to playsilks, or a veteran, I hope you will find the information in this series helpful and informative....more

Thanksgiving Wreath :: Scrap Fabric Buster

I have been on a scrap busting bender the last few weeks....more
I love this! What a fantastic idea!more

Life Lessons From a Horse :: Pushing Through the Fear

One of the toughest lessons to learn is when to quit or when to push on through. Tough for us to learn for ourselves, and doubly difficult as a parent! Rowan (age 6) began horseback riding in June (see our past lessons posts here). She loves it, with a quiet delight and a surprising calm determination....more
So true! yes, I was thrilled, and might have been smiling even more than she was at the end of ...more

Why Handmade Matters to Our Kids (and, in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse)

I shared with readers the story about the gentleman in the fabric shop wondering aloud why anyone would sew anything these days when they could just buy it at Wal*Mart.  Readers were asked to chime in with their responses about why handmade matters. ...more