What You Don’t See

I took this picture last night.  The boys and I finished up Astronomy just last week, so we’ve been talking about the Blue Moon that would happen at the end of August for a couple of months now.  To commemorate the occasion, I told them that I wanted to get a picture of it.  They watched a movie with their dad while I hung out in the backyard to take pictures....more

A New Family Tradition

I inherited a rather odd tradition from my family. I remember my parents and I doing it for years to my little brother. Now it's become somewhat of a tradition that all boys under, oh say 10 years old get teased about having Santa deliver them a Barbie doll, and if Santa won't do it, maybe Mom and Dad will... Well, now that our house has two little boys, there has been lots of talk about the little princess. Hubby, of course, jumped on the band wagon, and we've had fun teasing the boys about Barbie, and how she might make it into our house. ...more

Memory Monday - Camping Fun

Last fall, we were kindly invited to attend a camp out with about 15 local families. We camped at a nearby park. Due to the season, the weather was great - not too hot, not too humid. The great thing about camping so close to home is that if you forget something, you can drive home in about 5 minutes. Last year, I came home around midnight on Friday to get extra blankets and a heater because Hubby and I were freezing. I came home again around 9am to take care of the dogs, grab a quick shower, and guzzle down some coffee. Then again sometime in the evening to take care of the dogs again. ...more