Despicable Me's Despicable Theme

The movie Despicable Me has an adoption theme. Apparently it handles it in a “good” way, though I hesitate calling it good when we teach our children that you need someone or something else to make you act like a good human being. Anyway, we’re not seeing it, whether or not the message ends up on the good side. ...more
I get it. I'm an adoptive mom that wouldn't let my kids watch "Elf" for a very long time. ... more

On Naming: What Do You Call Grandma?

My friends ask me what will I be called? In the new-fangled family of which I am a part. I will simply be Grand Mommy. He has a Nana and a Grand Mommy B. I will be more than content with an open and joyful relationship over time. While I say it does not matter “what” he calls me, I don’t think I would fancy being called Patricia. ...more
I was the first grandchild on my mother's side of the family. Apparently, I didn't like any of ... more

A Letter to My Daughter's First Mom: I'm Angry with You

Dear A, You don’t know me, but we share something huge -- a child. I am L’s mother. I think of myself as her Last Mom because she had many before me, starting with you. You were her First Mom and I love and am grateful to you for bringing her into the world. I am also frequently filled with anger at you....more
I've started and stopped a similar letter to my children's biological parents numerous times. It ... more

Sony Reader Digital Book Prize Pack

We Have A Winner! Pam of Life on a Southern farm has won the Sony Digital Reader!