12 Tips on Individuality From Award-Winning Novelist Jean Kwok

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, novelist Jean Kwok takes on this month's theme: Individuality. ...more

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12 Tips on Individuality From Award-Winning Novelist Jean Kwok

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, novelist Jean Kwok takes on this month's theme: Individuality. ...more

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I Fell Headlong Into Girl in Translation

As I reached for my paperback copy of Jean Kwok's Girl In Translation, I noticed that the cover was an intriguing shade of aqua blue -- reminiscent of an inviting pool of refreshing water. Then I began to read, and fell headlong into the pool of this engrossing story....more

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Girl in Translation Moved Me

I want my books to move me. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok did just that. ...more

I'm so glad the novel touched you. The language was a very important part of the book for me and ... more

Girl in Translation Hits a Button for This Adoptive Parent

I’m the mother of an internationally-adopted child, so the premise of Girl in Translation -- a young emigrant is torn between two cultures -- instantly appealed to me. As a mom, one of my biggest fears is that I’m not correctly walking the line between honoring my daughter’s birth culture and the American culture in which she now lives. Sometimes I’m not even sure where the line is. ...more

This is a very moving review. I'm so glad the novel touched you and I think you must be a ... more

Jean Kwok’s Girl in Translation has Great Classroom Potential

When I was teaching developmental English at Community College of Philadelphia, Girl in Translation just the kind of book I was looking for -- a clear narrative line, straightforward syntax, a manageable vocabulary, but with some complexity and which addressed real social issues....more

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Girl in Translation Is A Moving Book But I Didn't Like the Ending

Jean Kwok wrote Girl in Translation in a way that makes it easy to picture how Kimberly Chang and her mother lived. I could picture the sweat shop and their disgusting, unheated, roach- and rat-infested apartment. I read the book able to see them using stuffed animal fur for warmth after digging it out of the trash. ...more

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Girl in Translation: You'll Want Your Daughter To Read It

Girl in Translation is a novel that women will read and want their daughters to read. It is a story of a girl who transition in multiple ways. This novel takes the reader on a journey of not only cultural and language transitions, but also the passage every woman goes through to become who they are destined to be. From the first page you are shown a woman who has a past that she still struggles with....more

I often hear from mothers and daughters that they're buying the book to give to the other, and ... more

Girl in Translation Reads Loud and Clear (And I Now Have a Guilty Conscience)

I had a crisis in Forever 21 today. No, it wasn't because I couldn't find any bubblegum pink platform heels to match my new mod mini. (Note: They have stripper heels in every color!) It was because I had just finished reading Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation and realized that most everything around me was likely made in a sweatshop exactly like the one she describes working in growing up in Brooklyn....more

I often feel the same way when I'm in a store too. I always look at the tag and think about the ... more

Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation is a Tale of Triumph

A bedroom crawling with cockroaches and rats, New York winters without heat, the early death of her father, the struggle to keep up in school in her second language, and nights spent bagging dresses in a sweatshop. The challenges facing Girl in Translation's Kimberly (“Ah-Kim”) Chang are overwhelmingly difficult and had me sneaking in a few minutes of reading whenever I could to see how she and her mother were holding up....more

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