EOS...not just a lipgloss...

EOS is End of Summer. And it's that lip stuff that comes in the pod like container. There are approximately 10 of these in various colors rolling around my house and car. Most unrealistic packaging gimmick I have ever seen. ...more
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What does this KEY go to?

  Prompt: Is the key to happiness the ability to forget?Well, well, well.....In a marriage, forgetting the small, little, petty, bullshit things that your spouse does, is probably pretty KEY to having a successful, HAPPY marriage. ...more

My Personal Literature

 Aldous Huxley said, "Your memories are your personal literature". What story am I telling myself today?I am a story teller. I married a story teller. My daughters are both story tellers. TRUTH....more
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I was a success ONCE...


Doomed...a life sentence.

Ahh mistakes...I love you so. Prompts that start with, "Do you think..." always scare me. Are we doomed to repeat mistakes if we don't remember them?Pretty much, yeah.Ok. Done with my blog for today. ...more

Dipping in...

  My Friday blog: do I dip into my memory for blogging ideas or do I discuss the here and now?...more

Scrips and scraps scattered about

Just to remind everyone that this month I am blogging about Memory and more importantly Mnemonics.I am suffering from "my brain is a sieve" syndrome. I need memory triggers for everything lately. It is so frustrating!...more

My career goals...snort, chortle, cry

   First I said, "hell no"! I am not writing about career goals. But then I decided that my career as a mom needs goals as well as any corporate career so why not give my 2 cents?...more

Missing 3.

  My last post was on the 13th. I missed a few days. This life of mine....The post I wanted to do was prompted by Victor Hugo's: "Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress and memory is the servant". This prompt fed into the next one which asked the question, does time heal all wounds? Then yesterday's prompt was about my readiness for Back to School. ...more

Did you forget? I forgot...

 Is there anything good that comes from forgetting? Well, if my older sister was writing this she would say HELL YES! Because she has forgotten everything. She is so good at forgetting that she needs a GPS to get out of her neighborhood...every time she goes anywhere. It is so charming. Really....more