When It Doesn't Get Better: More Bullying, Another Suicide

Jamey Rodemyer loved Lady Gaga. He was a high school freshman, just 14 years old. He believed that it would get better -- it meaning his life and the bullying he experienced both before and after he came out as bisexual. On Monday morning, Jamey was found dead of an apparent suicide, one more in a rash of unnecessary deaths caused by the hatred and intolerance of others. My heart breaks for his parents, for those who loved him....more
I thought you should see Lady Gaga's response. http://bit.ly/mYAE0V more

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

This being my first year gluten-free, I was surprised to find out that in 2010 the senate had passed R605: A resolution designating September 13th as "National Celiac Awareness Day". This resolution had been first proposed in 2008 and again 2009 before finally passing on August 3, 2010....more
@montanamama You are correct, I should have listed khorasan wheat instead of the brand. However, ... more

Sprinkles' Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcake

I love cupcakes! What's not to love? Dainty little cakes baked to perfection with the simplest to the most complex of flavors. In Los Angeles there are a lot of places that make cupcakes, but they all pale in comparison to Sprinkles. Being the foodie that I am, when Sprinkles launched their Sprinklesmobile, I would faithfully follow that truck anywhere around town....more

I know what you mean Karen. Before I was diagnosed I would check out each and every cupcake ... more

The Five Stages of Loss of Gluten

After reading the post "Grieving Gluten: The Five Stages of Loss of Gluten" by blogger Shirley Braden aka gluten free easily, it really made me think about my own experiences. Technically I have only been gluten free for not even a full year (6 months and counting). So I guess you could say that my experiences with losing gluten are more recent than most of my fellow bloggers....more

You are most welcome. Living a gluten free lifestyle is much easier than 10 years ago. There are ... more