Katy Perry Cut From Sesame Street For Turning Moms On

On Sesame Street, you can still come and play where everything is a-ok; you can be on your way to where the air is sweet ... just as long as you're not showing too much breast. ...more

The outfit doesn't bother me. I think what might bother me more (though I admit it actually just ... more

Excellent Advice from Cartoon Princesses: "Have Friends Smaller Than You So You Can Control Them!"

While the rest of the Internet might be worrying its frazzled hive mind about the gender gap in math, tech, literature and business, savvy analysts at The Second City Network have launched the Advice for Young Girls from a Cartoon Princess series of videos to remind us that those pesky inequities aren't a problem because we’ve let the Disney Princesses teach our young lasting messages about how to lead rich and fulfilling Princess lives. ...more

My 6 y/o daughter recently informed me (while perusing for Halloween costumes, actually), that ... more

Does Breastfeeding Cause Divorce?

Admittedly, most talk of the health care bill and the state of medical care in our country causes my eyes to glaze over. (Apologies to my many friends who are talented, valuable doctors.) But this spring, new research was released with quite a splash, catching my attention. ...more

I concur with the disparity between the research studies, the AAP, and the WHO recommendations ... more

Mother's Guilt Begins: Contemplating Third Trimester Travel to BlogHer

Mentally I cross off a business trip to Chicago and my high school reunion, which would take place in the two weeks before the conference. These are the sacrifices I must make as a mom to be. But no. Not my conference. Lunch with H-band after the appointment was tense. "I don't think she knows that this isn't just a blogging conference, it's my company's conference. MY company's conference." "Oh I think she does." ...more

I'll be 32 weeks with #4 this year. You realize, it's become a BlogHer tradition that I'm either ... more

Do Vaginal Orgasms Really Exist?

When you think of a sonogram, you probably think of some grainy gray and white image of your baby’s hand waving at you labeled with the caption “Hi Mom!” You probably don’t think about the clitoris. But a couple of French doctors do (leave it to the French)....more

How Do You Handle Etiquette When A Facebook Profile Becomes a Job Requirement?

Whether it's because you refuse to friend them or you did something to piss them off in real life, the way to really get people back apparently is to block them on Facebook. I much prefer the old awkward avoidance myself. ...more

As far as my personal page go, I'm pretty much on lockdown, but you're right - sharing minimal ... more

People in Long-Term Relationships Still Need to Get Laid

Remember back in your salad days when you'd spend hours getting ready to see that special someone, applying perfume to your pressure points and humming "Tonight's the Night"? Remember those early weekends away? You know what that was? Scheduled sex, otherwise known as "dating." ...more

@Mcwhclan - I had a similar experience - and I wrote about it on my Mominatrix column (warning, ... more

Let's Talk About Sex, Mommy

Physical changes. Exhaustion. Fights. Late nights. Early mornings. Weight gain. Money worries. Busy schedules. Sounds sexy, doesn't it? You'd think once you get partnered up with someone, the sex would be easy, accessible and free-flowing. Or at least not a chore. So why are so many mommies lacking in libido? The explanation may have nothing to do with you or your physical make-up and everything to do with your schedule. Put down the K-Y and let's discuss. ...more

Thanks for the mention, Rita. I agree with @firemom, though it's different for everyone. I ... more

Do You Fight in Front of Your Kids? I Do. Sort of.

Some parents never fight in front of their kids, and their kids grow up fine. Some parents scream at each other day, and their kids grow up fine. And some in each camp end up with kids who either think a fight means the end of the world or that love is best expressed by yelling and cursing.What's the right thing to do?...more

Definitely depends on how you fight.

I think it's great to model disagreement AND ... more

The Blogger PR Blackout - The good, the bad, and the completely puzzling

There have been any number of times that I have eagerly clicked over to my favorite personal blog, awaiting a hilarious breastfeeding story or an engaging rant about reality TV (Kelly Bensimmon, you just kill me with that orange skin!) only to find an uninspired giveaway of Consumer Package Good X. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I often wonder what the blog world would be like if everyone got back to blogging their passions, as they mostly did 3 or 4 years ago (I know, call me Granny), and away from the half-hearted marketing plugs. ...more

This cry about semantics here is complete bullshit. If it's a "break," ... more