Does anyone know if a VOY submission can be edited? I posted a bad link. Help!

Does anyone know if a VOY submission can be edited? I posted a bad link. Help! ...more
I emailed you! But the "good" link is here: more

I Will Not be the Mother of a Mean Girl

Her plate sits before her and she worries over her dinner roll, tiny pieces dropping onto the table top. My own dinner has gone tasteless and I'm begging her to be honest because the words Liam drops among us can't possibly be true. These guilt crumbs gathering up and her picking picking picking but never speaking speaking speaking. I'm fighting for clarity over the situation because I am not the mother of a bully... could I be so naive?...more
Beautifully written. And good for you. more

Adult Children of Mom Bloggers Support Group

“And there were only thirty-two comments. I mean, did she not love me enough to promote my post further? My sister’s post? The one I mentioned last week? About the diaper accident? One-hundred-seventy-four. And it was picked up by the Huffington Post. Was my lisp not good enough? Was I not good enough?” ...more
That is funny! But they're all still fair game. more

Laid Off: The Worst Liar EVER

"I am fine. Just fine. Everything's okay. It will be all right. We'll be okay." That has been my response to everyone that bothered to ask in the last few months....more
I got laid off two weeks ago tomorrow. And I'm lying too. "I'll find something," I keep saying. ... more

I Am An 'Unchurched' Christian

If you google the words "unchurched Christian", what you'll find is first, a Barna survey exploring the percentages of individuals who claim to be Christians but don't attend church, and second, quite literally thousands of blogs, articles, "Pastor's Corners", and comments from churched Christians on why *they* think these people no longer attend, why *they* think these people are in the wrong, and the most appalling dis...more
LOVE this post. We have some anger issues with the church as well, but, for the most part, I ... more

Putting the Stat Monster to Bed and Writing for Writing's Sake

Have you ever felt like there is a shift happening in your life? One that doesn't seem to be happening for any rhyme or reason, but the air feels different, you close your eyes, and it feels as though the world is stopping, waiting for you to make your next move. Problem is, I feel like I am waiting for the next move to find it's way to me; I'm doing everything right... I think. This past week, I received my first, real rejection letter. ...more
What a great post! Let me just say. I am a PAID writer. Well, I was. I was a nearly famous ... more

Please Don't Be A Mean Girl

Bedtime is the sweet part of the day when Ruby and I finally get to be alone, and the moment when I get the real scoop on what's happening in her life at school. When Ruby is sleepy and her brothers aren't competing for my attention, she drops her guard and offers me brief glimpses into her rich imaginary world, her friendships, and her feelings about our family. Last night, as Ruby told me about what she did at recess that day, my heart hurt a little. She described hanging out with her best buddy at school and went on to tell me about a joke they played on another girl....more
My daughter and I do this every night too. And we have had the same conversation. Especially ... more

The Beauty of the Small Blog

I have a small blog. It’s small in a lot of ways. It’s small in audience. And it’s small in content. I’m not going to get a bazillion shares on Facebook or Google or anywhere else because what I write isn’t hilarious and it’s not practical, it’s just personal. So I’m happy with where I am. With the smallness of it that makes my blog a secluded creative space. I don’t get trolls, or nasty emails or people second guessing everything. And that’s thanks to the smallness of it. ...more
Yay for you! And for me. I am NOT the Pioneer Woman. Don't want to be. Don't need to be. I write ... more

Do I Need an Agent?

   I am wondering if  there are any merits to getting an agent and/or a traditional publisher anymore. The more posts I read about how we as writers have to promote, promote, promote the more I wonder what agents do. I’m going to guess that they have connections I don’t have to big name publishers, but then what?...more
You and I are in the same rocky boat! I HAD an agent. A terrible agent who did nothing at all ... more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- What's Your Favorite Camera Phone Pic?

What's your favorite camera phone pic? I love this one taken on New Year's Eve. Now it's your turn -- share one of your favorite photos here, or describe it in the comments! ...more

My profile pic! Actually an iPhone self-portrait. In a hammock... None too easy, let me tell ... more