Travel Tips: How To Pack and Fly Like a Pro

After I wrote about our travel snacks and how airline travel has changed, it made me think about how I prepare for my trips. I mostly fly for work trips. If my husband and I are traveling for pleasure, we drive unless we have the opportunity to turn a work trip into a vacation like we did in San Francisco. While I was sitting at dinner tonight, I thought about the tips I use to keep myself sane while traveling on airlines. ...more
Excellent advice. I'll add this: Check to make sure Homeland Security or some other agency ...more

Car Travel with a 4 Month Old

A couple of weekends ago, we rented a minivan and drove north to Cleveland, Ohio for my cousin's wedding. We knew it was going to be an interesting trip so, we did our best to prepare for the worst. We had a 9+ hour drive ahead of us and we were going to tackle it with a smile. ...more

A Parenting Low - At 8 Weeks

We have had a rough couple of nights in the Hopkins household recently. Some were because a certain little girl thought she was a newborn again and wanted to eat every two hours. Some were because I kept myself up mentally. I haven't blogged about this yet but, I do a lot more pumping and bottle feeding breast milk than I do nursing these days. That means I feed her a bottle and then attach myself to a machine. Sometimes, like 2 nights ago, I woke up and attached to the machine to make her a bottle that I figured she would wake up for any minute. ...more

Our Baby's Nursery - Finally Complete!

One of our big goals when we were decorating the nursery was to keep it as reasonably priced as possible. There are so many fancy nurseries out there that are absolutely beautiful. I think it makes people think that they MUST make their nursery absolutely gorgeous. You know, to keep up with everyone else. I totally understand if you have the budget to do a fancy nursery and you know what? I love looking at those nurseries, so please keep posting your pictures of them! All of that being said, I am so happy with the nurery we put together on our limited budget. ...more
It looks beautiful! Wishing you many magical moments in the months to come :)more

The First Doctors Visit

**I wrote a few posts over the past few months. These are to catch you up on where I've been.** ...more

And starts.

**I wrote a few posts over the past few months. These are to catch you up on where I've been.** Written on September 29th ...more
Woohoo!! Congrats! I wish you best on this next step in your life :)more

Commence Much Screaming...and Some Crying

On Thanksgiving, we had a little gift to give to my parents. Hops and I had a plan that he would get the video camera ready (aka: the point and shoot camera in video mode) and he would secretly video tape Mom while she opened it. This did not happen. I got really excited and all of the sudden said, "Oh Mom! We have a gift for you!" Hops looked at me, jumped up from his seat and started trying to find the video icon on his phone. I think he finally found the camera but I am pretty sure all of the pictures are blurry from fast movements. ...more

Chicken Paprikash Soup

Yup, soup. We're not big soup people in my house but earlier this year, we visited my Gram in Ohio and she mentioned this soup she had from the local Greek restaurant. I went over there to see if they had any but it had been a daily special and they were out. I obsessed on this idea until this past weekend when I decided to make some. I definitely took the long way with this recipe. It was a lot of work but it is worth it. I'll be freezing a bunch of it for winter when we're feeling like something homemade and tasty to warm us up. ...more

Weekend Deals

Saturday morning, we got up early to do some deal shopping. Our neighborhood was having a yard sale, so we started off at 7am. We found a few good steals along the way. I got a set of red Fiesta-ware. 4 dinner plates, 4 bread plates and 4 bowls for $5. We also picked up a travel crate for the pups that we needed for another $5. So far, so good. We passed by a yard sale where one of our neighbor girls was giving people lemonade. I asked how much, she said free. I gave her a dollar and I think it made her day. She ran inside and got her piggy bank and set it up on her lemonade table. ...more

Our San Francisco Vacation - Day 1

We woke up before any normal human being should be allowed to wake up for our 6am flight. There is an upside to that, though. We arrived in San Francisco at 10:30am!! We got to see a pretty fantastic sunrise on our flight out. ...more
The sunset looks beautiful :)more