How do you follow a BlogHer blog?

t's me, the pest. Linda Sands: another good thing with more good intentions.I jumped online thinking I needed about 7 minutes to update my profile as suggested by last night's email. I noticed my picture was old. 30 minutes later, new pic- but my head is cut off- despite resizing oh - too mnay times. I give up. thinking. why isn't it like FB. I should be able to drag, drop, adjust within that window. nope. ...more

You are correct, we do indeed need to make it easier and we are working on that. :-)

1) The ...more

Rape a child and face execution? I say, YES.

But because I am not on the Supreme Court, it just may not matter, Because did you see this today? It makes me angry. Just imagine how the victim feels. ...more

30 days of shoes

Over at my blog, another good thing, I have been posting footwear every day of the month of November. I think some blog scrolling ladies hate me now- or have the wrong impression of me and my life. Are shoes that powerful? that someone can look down and say, "Oh, yeah, like I would EVER want to hold your hair while you puked." ...more